I have a few of these collecting dust in my “when I get around to it” folder, so thought I’d better be a good sport and post at least one. They’re all more or less the same theme so, given a choice of ten things, seven things, or three things, I chose the easy one for tonight. Not lazy, just didn’t feel like thinking too hard. There is a difference.

Ladies and gents, I present:


Three Names you go by:
Mostly just Eleanor, Mom, or Mrs., but at various times and to various people I’ve been/still am:
1. Ellie

2. Spizzer

3. Lady Eleanor
Three Parts of Your Heritage:
1. Irish
2. Welsh
3. Scottish
Three Things That Scare You:
1. Heights
2. Snakes
3. Horror movies – can’t and won’t watch ’em
Three of Your Everyday Essentials:
1. Lip balm
2. Hand lotion
3. Coffee
Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. Black sweater
2. Black trousers
3. Wait for it … green socks with “hairy” penguins on them 🙂
Three of Your Favourite Songs – at the moment:
1. Run – Snow Patrol
2. Cry Little Sister – Carfax Abbey
3. Do You Realize? – The Flaming Lips
Three Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love):
1. Humour
2. Trust
3. Loyalty
Two Truths and a Lie (in any order):
1. I’ve rounded up cattle on horseback.

2. I’ve been a junior high/middle school French teacher.

3. I’ve done field work with teams of archaeologists.
Three PHYSICAL Things about the Opposite Sex that Appeal to You:
1. Eyes – don’t care what colour they are, but if they sparkle, I’m putty. If they also crinkle when he smiles, I’m a puddle.
2. Smile – the whole face kind, not just turning up the corners of the mouth.
3. Shapely thigh muscle … as seen through trousers. We are talking about initial impressions, right? 🙂
Three of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Needlework

Three Places You Want to go:
2. Ireland
3. Tuscany
Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die:
1. A very, very lengthy tour of the UK – it’ll take awhile to hit all of the historical sites that interest me, you know, and I want to see ’em all, properly. Not just whiz past/through, but really see them.
2. Live to a grand old age with most of my marbles intact. And bore all of my descendents rigid with my tales of “I remember when”.
3. See Stephanie fulfill lots of her dreams.
Three Ways that you are stereotypically a Girl/Guy:
1. I’m really big on chivalry – doors opened for me, ladies first, etc.
2. Couldn’t care less about mechanics, carpentry, etc., and am basically pretty hopeless at DIY and fixing stuff. No interest in improving the skills, either.
3. Have an ample supply of makeup, bath stuff, lotions, potions, perfume, etc. and use them every day.


2 thoughts on “Meme

  1. LOL! I love these silly things they can be revealing about people, in the way they answer them, not necessarily what they answer. 😉

  2. You were not at all lazy – you did answer only 3 but to a big variety of subjects. Nice learning more about you – I too have plenty of make-up, lotions – girly stuff. I too have a black sweater on, but my socks to not comepare (basic white). I really hope you do get to do all 3 of the 'before I die' items that you listed.I too need handlotion and coffee daily – I use lipstick quite often instead of lipbalm – now that I'm 'grown up' I like a bit of color on.And as for your names – I love 'Lady Eleanor' 🙂

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