Valentine’s Day Pics

Daughter was so impressed with the marvellous taste of her dear old Daddy-O that she figures we both need to acknowledge it publicly. Not to brag about what we got, but rather, to give him a mega shout out for being so thoughtful. There’s a big difference. The cute little floral arrangement above was her Valentine’s gift.

Since my ear was still bugging me at the time and he didn’t want to aggravate it with too many flowers in the house, he came up with the alternative above for me. Flowers are always a delight, but yup, there’s something to be said for a gorgeous chunk of jewellery now and then. This will do very, very, very nicely indeed. The stones are various shades of topaz, by the way. When the man gets it right, he really, really, really gets it right. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Pics

  1. huh, wow, both those are gorgeous!nope, I wouldn't be complaining at all neither!! and I think daughter was so right in wanting to acknowledge Dad's great taste!!Bravo Daddy-O!!!!!!!!

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