Old Man Winter and the Ice Man Cometh

So, Old Man Winter didn’t go into retirement after all. Bad stuff going on across most of the country. But you’ll have to read right to the bottom of the article to find out what’s going on in my part of the country ’cause I’m not tellin’. Yes, it’s shameless promotion of the CBC, and I’m proud of it.

Have a good look ’round the site while you’re there and pay special attention to what our new Prime Minister has been up to, should you stumble across something related.

Note to Conservative voters – I told you so! Didn’t take him long, either, did it?


3 thoughts on “Old Man Winter and the Ice Man Cometh

  1. heheI came by the other day and read your blog… clicked on the CBC link, starting reading and then never commented on yoru blog post.lolI got all wrapped up in the CBC news…Yes, its been darn windy here latey and today it is down to -17C…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  2. Holy cow… B-b-b-brrrr… you did get damn cold! We have had the cold and now got hit with snow in the last 24 hours – very snowy here, I shoveled last eve and again this afternoon. Driving is rather hazzardous, but not as bad as earlier in the day.I see lots of sun in your current forecast. I too like the CBC website, so easy to get around and so much information available there.

  3. No doubt that's a damp -17 over your way, Lena, so yup, that would feel plenty cold enough to you. It has warmed up considerably here now, with highs of around -10 the past couple of days, and lots of sunshine. Much more like it, thank you!Oh, and Desiree, please don't send the snow any further east than Saskatchewan, pretty please? We have a hefty winter's accumulation already, and really, really don't want anymore. But hopefully it has stopped for you, and driving conditions are much better.

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