Belated Birthday Pics

It took me awhile to get my hands on these, but here they are, with her permission. I didn’t make the cake above, by the way. These people did. She has had this sort of ice cream cake for most birthdays, and some traditions just can’t be broken, no matter how many birthdays she has. Those in North America probably know all about the DQ cakes, but for the benefit of the rest of you, the bottom layer is chocolate ice cream, then there’s a thinnish layer of crumbled chocolate cookies mixed with fudge sauce, topped with a layer of vanilla ice cream. Then the embellishments on the outside, of course. Scrummy!

The requisite candid shot above. 🙂 Apparently it’s a movie reference, that went completely over my head, as per usual. But personally, I think that it was just a case of waste not, want not. DQ doesn’t overdo the icing, which suits me just fine, but the icing lover in the house can’t let a smear of it go to waste.

And finally, a lovely pic of the just turned 19-year-old. A bit blurry, but it’ll do. She hates this one for some absurd reason, but I think it’s gorgeous.

**Note the background proof that I live in an old house. Numerous people have told us to get rid of the antique heating grates and install modern ones in the floor. Hell no! Same with the old woodwork and such. Sure, it’s a bit nicked and dinged after 93 years, but it’s part of the character of the house and it stays until it crumbles. So there! A fresh coat of paint now and then hides most of the wear and tear.

Oh, and since this was a birthday shot, I just noticed that something is missing. That’s the archway leading in and out of the living room behind her, and normally it’s the home of cards that arrive for special occasions. Don’t know where they were at this point in the day, but they did get up there eventually.

Edit by Stephanie: Dammit. I TOLD you the reference when you took the damn photo.

Edit by Mom: So you did, but it’s not like it meant anything to me, right? Did I watch Firefly?! No! Hence the lack of penetration into the grey matter. Oh, and a little respect, please, child. 😉


12 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Pics

  1. Indeed Eleanor, you brought up a greta looking kid, but please, please, tell me what she's doing with the damn knife!!! I hope that's frosting and not the boyfriends er…

  2. LOL @ Alexandra…Oh my goodness, its been one of those nights…. ROFLFrom Wossermans fans blog picture to the comment from Alexandra…tooooo funny!!Yes, you certainly have a beautiful daughter!! No doubt about it… and as for the house trimmings, etc… I completely agree with you. It's such a shame when people change such beautiful antique works of art.. cuz they don't make 'em like used to anymore…

  3. Yeah, I know, Lena. I have some interesting people in my “fan club”, don't I? 🙂 Fun bunch, though, and I wouldn't have it any other way!Daughter blushed accordingly at both comments, by the way.Nice to see that you appreciate the beauty of the old, too. I grew up in a really old farm house, and wanted this one for its intact “antique” features. A few things about it don't exactly easily accommodate the modern stuff with which we fill our houses in this day and age, but there are always ways and means.

  4. I haven't seen the movie either… good thing she added in the photo later… as for the antique grates – keep 'em! That certainly is part of the character of the house.

  5. She loved your comment, Kinuk. Nice to know that somebody's on her wavelength! 😉 She just bought the whole Firefly series on DVD, so I'll have to give it a watch and see what I've been missing. I quite liked Buffy and Angel, much to her surprise, and she tells me that Joss did an even better job on Firefly. Hunh, I hadn't realized that ice cream cake is so non-European. Next time you're here visiting the parents, you'll have to have a major DQ binge. You've exactly hit the appeal of old houses for me, too. I've been in lots of lovely new ones, but they just don't say “home” to me.

  6. Lena and Desiree, it's a TV series, not a movie, so sorry I added to the confusion for you! Remember “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”? This series was created by the same person.

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