A Gallant Knight, A Fair Damsel, and a Dastardly Villain

Alrighty, first things first. If anyone from South America wanders by here, please do me a favour and go for a visit over at Wossername’s. He’s feeling very neglected by the lack of visitors from your quiet continent. I don’t know why, he just is. Ask him for details.

Second things second, the post below wasn’t intended to be an announcement that I was disappearing for a bit because of a CFS slump. But that’s kind of how it worked out. Jinxed myself with the first bit of the post, too, so there’s a lesson there, I think. But Richard has also been on holidays all week, which worked out rather well from my side. Not much fun for him, but it was nice to have someone around to fetch and carry while I was in the slump. Oh, and cook, too. And dust and vacuum. He’s a gem. 🙂 He can also be all masterful, given the opportunity, which is kinda cool, too. But only when I’m in a weakened state. Otherwise he doesn’t get away with it. And I don’t think it’s cool.

Third things third, he did the masterful thing today and tied me up, threw me over the saddle of his white charger, and whisked me off to the doctor’s office. Okay, no, it was more like nagging me to death all week until I finally caved in. “RIGHT, IF IT WILL SHUT YOU UP, GO START THE WRETCHED CAR, AND I’LL BE THERE IN TWO MINUTES!!” So, we got there, and sat … and sat … and sat … and sat, with His Lordship smugly reminding me every two minutes of how grateful I’d be afterwards. Um, no. For the first time ever, I got the total brush-off from a doctor. Nay, not a brush-off; rather a very curt, very rude, very sneery attitude, culminating in being shouted at and all but physically ejected from his office. Well, excuse me!!! I was there for a very legitimate reason, and have always had pretty decent service from this dude, so I have no idea of what was biting his bum today. Granted, I hadn’t seen him in awhile, but a total personality transplant generally takes a longer stretch of time. Or maybe I had just been fortunate enough to catch him on good days in the past. Stephanie had a bad time with him a few years ago, after several years under his care, and flatly refused to ever go back. She was also there for very legitimate reasons and he ripped into her about being a moody, petulant teenager, who was wasting his time. I thought that she must have been exaggerating at the time as he was still fine with me thereafter, but obviously she had it right. Well, he won’t be seeing me again, either.

Him: “Yes, what can I do for you?”

Me: “I had an ear infection about six weeks ago. I know that fluid remains behind after an infection, but the ear has been bothering me a lot again for the past week, and has been really painful since yesterday.”

Him: “Well, let’s have a look then. Uh huh. Let’s see the other one now. Hmm, there’s a problem with both … insert medical jargon … not looking good … more medical jargon …

Me: “Okay, so now what?”

Him: *disdainful look* “Nothing. The pain is not in your ears, it’s from here.” *jabs me very hard on both sides of my neck*

Me: “Ow, geez, yeah okay, now the pain is from there, but it’s in my right ear, too.”

Him: *another disdainful look* “No, it’s not. There is no treatment. It will probably resolve itself over time and you just have to put up with it until it does.”

Me: “But …”

Him: “I’ve just told you, time, nothing else.”

Me: “But you’ve seen me for this a few times in the past, usually less serious than now, and you’ve always said that it shouldn’t be left untreated or it could damage my hearing. Look back in my chart, if you don’t believe me.”

Him: “No! I told you, nothing will help. I’m prescribing nothing, and nothing over the counter will help, either. Now is that all?”

Me: “Hang on, you’ve just said that there’s a serious problem here and you know my history. So, what’s up with the attitude?”

Him: “Go away. I have other people to see.”

Me: “But …”

Him: “I said go!”

So I did. Luckily Richard can read my face really easily and knew better than to make a chirpy comment about gratitude and such. He offered to take me to another clinic, but I suggested that we go and have a chat with a friendly pharmacist instead, as I’d had enough of doctors for one day. So, we did. By a weird coincidence, said pharmacist had the misfortune to be the one at whom the doctor was shouting through the phone from an adjoining room while I was in the clinic. Geez! I asked if this was a regular thing, to which he replied in the affirmative. Poor sod. Once was enough for me, but apparently he gets it on a regular basis. Between his expert pharmacist head, Richard’s up to date nurse head, and my not too rusty yet nurse head, we came up with a plan of action that might work.

Which brings me to fourth things fourth. I have yet to try an antihistamine or decongestant which doesn’t send my head straight into deepest space, so watch out for some interesting blog posts in the next week or so. Granted, I haven’t tried these ones yet, but I’m fully expecting the rocket engines to fire the minute they kick in. So, don’t say that you weren’t warned.

Oh, and fifth things fifth, His Lordship pulled one more masterful stunt to which I couldn’t object. “You haven’t eaten all day, so must be starving. I’m taking you for a first class meal and I won’t take no for an answer.”

Hey, with the right reward on offer I can do defenceless fair damsel, no problem. But only when I’m in a weakened state and traumatized, or when it’s in my best interests to pretend that I am. You know how it is.


4 thoughts on “A Gallant Knight, A Fair Damsel, and a Dastardly Villain

  1. I am floored, completely floored….I've heard of bad bedside manners, but this is unexcusable….something should be done about him….

  2. Firstly thansk for the BIG plug.But most importantly what a plonker that doctor is! Do you have an NHS style healthcare or is it all private? ie is he going to lose trade when you write to the editor of the local newspaper etc etc etc?

  3. Yes, Lena, I was pretty floored, too. I don't know what changed him as he used to be terrific. A bit moody sometimes, but never horrid and nasty. I liked him because he knew all sorts of little tricks that most doctors don't. For instance, I once had major numbness in my foot and ankle, which he fixed instantly by pressing on a nerve in my arm for a few seconds. Who would think of that?! He also created his own cold medicine that worked like magic. It was something that he had a pharmacist concoct for his patients. I have no idea what was in it, as he wouldn't tell me. He'd just grin and say that all I needed to know was that it would make me feel better. And it did. The most miserable cold would be gone in a couple of days, and the medicine didn't produce the usual side effects that you get with cold medicines. It didn't taste half bad, either! 🙂 I could go on and on with the list of good stuff that he did for all of us over the years, but it's obviously a whole different story now. Shame.

  4. You're welcome, Wosser. 🙂 Yup, our Medicare system is like your NHS. Well, as far as basic medical care goes. Doctor's visits, hospital treatment, etc. are all covered. There are a few “tray fees” at doctor's offices, though, as in certain injections and treatments that use certain supplies. For instance, if you want a flu shot, it's $25.00 for anyone not in the high risk group, if there's enough vaccine available for those who are willing to pay for it. You lot over there get a few more benefits than we do, like a lot more freebies for children and seniors. No free prescriptions, braces on teeth, or whatever for children here. Dental care isn't partially covered for anyone here as it is over there with NHS dentists. I need a crown done on a molar and it's going to set me back $800.00, minimum. But a friend of mine over there had one done for around $135.00 by an NHS dentist. And she dared to complain about how expensive it was. Hmph! There is a pharmacare programme for prescription drugs for seniors and low income people, but you still have to pay a certain amount. The only actual “extra” freebie is eye exams for 18 and under, and over 65. Whoopee. As for Dr. Dastardly himself, no doubt he has lost a lot of his regular patients by now, but he'll never be short of new ones as he has the only walk-in clinic in the area. No appointment needed, just turn up and he'll see you.

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