Trivial, Probably, But It Matters to Me

George Dubya, I know that you’ve been saying it for years, and I’ve refrained from a public tantrum about it all this time. Private rants aplenty, mind you, but I never thought it worth making an issue about to anyone else. But you’ve just said it one too many times now, and the urge to scream out loud can no longer be suppressed. Everyone else cover your ears, ’cause I’m only screaming at him, not you.


You might think that such gaffs make you seem all down to earth and, hyuk, like a good ole boy from Texas who connects to good ole boys everywhere. Wrong, you clod. It, hyuk, just makes you look stupid … even to good old boys, hyuk.

Prime Minister Elect, Stephen Harper, I have a bone to pick with you, too. If you’re looking to convince Canadians who didn’t vote for you that they’re wrong in thinking that you’re a cold, calculating, hard-hearted, scary Ice Creature, put a little more thought into your planned photo ops in future. A warm, caring guy doesn’t stiffly shake the hand of his little daughter as he says ta ta to her at the school gate. He doesn’t do it with his only slightly older son, either. Would it kill you to bend over and give a little huggy around the shoulders, or, at the very least, a little affectionate ruffle of the hair? You might be Prime Minister Elect of Canada, but you’re just Dad to those little people. If you can’t put your heart on your sleeve for them, do you think we believe that you’ll do it for us?

There, I feel so much better now and can go about the rest of my day with an air of peace and serenity. Phew!


8 thoughts on “Trivial, Probably, But It Matters to Me

  1. Can you get the Yanks to understand what chips are ?”A burger and a packet of crisps, this isn't what I ordered ?”

  2. I knew that I couldn't be alone in feeling this way, Roberta. 🙂 Actually, I was waiting for a plagiarism accusation from a local as a similar thing about Harper appeared in the editorial section of our newspaper that day. But I hadn't read the paper when I wrote this, so it was honestly a random rant on my part.

  3. It's becoming a problem here, too, YS, unfortunately. Back in my restaurant working days they were still called chips on any menu. However, I guess that the influx of American chains has changed the terminology in the minds of the younger generation, who now staff such establishments. I consciously switch to the word “fries” when ordering as I got sick of the hassle involved. But of course Richard is more stubborn, and English, so they'll always be “chips” to him. Which generally results in a blank stare, a “we don't serve chips”, or a snicker and a condescending “you mean fries?” But oddly, we've never used the word “crisps” here, at least not as far back as I can remember. It was chips either way, and we just knew which kind was intended.

  4. Here, here! Good commentary about W…and excellent observations about Harper. I keep watching the papers expecting the lead story to be about his head spinning around 360* and spitting pea soup. I think the man is sheer evil–which doesn't bode well for his love-starved children, IMHO.

  5. Thanks for dropping by, Sadie. I'll do a return visit when I get a second. I have to agree totally with your comment about Harper. There is something really, really sinister about him and he scares the bejesus out of me. I just hope that everyone else sees it before the next election.

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