Tea, Dickens, and Other Good Things

The man of the house will soon be down here, looking for some live footie commentary, so I shall quickly slip in a blog entry before he appears. ‘Tis a day of FA Cup matches and everything grinds to a halt for them, you know! Go Newcastle. Oh, and Colchester, too, of course. Up the U’s!

I’ve been up for awhile, but it takes time to awaken the brain cells enough to blog. Cup number two of an absolutely delicious blend of tea is helping immensely. One of my life’s ambitions is to partake of the famous afternoon tea at this establishment, in Victoria, B.C. But for now, sipping on the specially made for them blend of tea will do. An acquaintance was there recently and brought us back a container of the tea. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Often this “unique to us” thing is more down to packaging than contents, but not in this case. I’ve tried a lot of different teas in my life, ranging from floor sweepings to very high quality, and this blend ranks at or near the top of the list. Normally I ration special treats, but that’s an impossibility with this one. Listen for the wails of dismay when we reach the bottom of the container.

Speaking of British traditions and all, the good people at the BBC have thoroughly outdone themselves with their latest Dickens offering. Bleak House began its run on this side of the Atlantic on Sunday. What an utterly riveting two hours it was, and what a long wait it’s going to be between Sundays for the next few weeks. While you’re checking out the link, have a good look at what else is on offer now and in the near future on PBS, okay? It deserves far more viewers than it gets. Can’t wait for Under the Greenwood Tree later in the Masterpiece Theatre season. I prefer watching Dickens to reading him, but Thomas Hardy in either version will do ever so nicely, thank you.

The long writer’s block, as in the pen and paper variety of writing, has finally lifted, so that’s why the blog has been a bit quiet of late. It’s an entirely different kind of writing and the brain prefers being in one kind of writing mode at a time. I have a lot of catching up to do with the pen, so blogging will be a bit hit and miss until I work my way through the pile of correspondence still waiting for an answer. I’ve seriously neglected it for a year or so, and it will take awhile to find the bottom of the pile. When I write a letter, I write a letter, and any attempts to scale back are pointless. 🙂 Canada Post is seriously loving me these days!

No great plans for this weekend, apart from gearing up for Stephanie’s birthday on Monday. Nineteen won’t be quite the occasion that eighteen was, but we’ll still mark it in style. Society says that eighteen is special, but this family says that every birthday is special. And thus it shall always be!

Oh, the football fan has surfaced and is giving me “the look”. Not the “shake in your boots, woman” look, as he can’t pull that one off and it wouldn’t have any effect even if it could. 🙂 Rather, it’s the sort of desperate “I know that you’re busy and I’m trying to be patient, but …” look. So, I’ll sign off for today and put the poor man out of his misery.



4 thoughts on “Tea, Dickens, and Other Good Things

  1. I knew you'd love Bleak House. Don't know if you've read the book but the series is brilliant and the actors excellent. We havent had Under the Greenwood Tree yet but I think it will be soon. I'll keep you postedloveLinda

  2. Well, I am going to have to check it out.. Bleak House… what station is it on?I am quite the tea lover myself. Although I stick to the boring 'King Cole' brand. My eldest son loves Green Chai Tea. not really something that most 18 year olds enjoy but .. he isn't your average guy.

  3. Hi Linda,Now I can totally see why you raved about Bleak House. It's absolutely wonderful! I have read the book, but a long, long time ago, so had forgotten some of it. It's coming back to me as I watch the show, but that doesn't spoil anything. Gillian Anderson is absolutely superb in her role, Charles Dance was born to play Dickens baddies, and the rest of the cast is perfect, too. Often there's at least one actor that doesn't quite fit the character, but not in this case.

  4. Hi Lena,Bleak House is being shown on the American PBS stations. Don't know which one you get in your part of the country, so that's as specific as I can get for you. If you click on the Bleak House link in the post, it takes you to the PBS site, and you can follow links to find your station on there, if you don't already know which it is. As for tea, your 18-year-old is in good company. My daughter absolutely loves green tea, chai tea, green and chai together, and so on. Her latest passion is white tea. Perhaps your young adult might like that one, too. What refined tastes our offspring have! Oh, and who wants average children anyway? 😀

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