Off to Hell in a Handbasket … Sort Of

Everybody say hi to our new Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. Note I didn’t say a warm hi, just hi. Cold mutters or grunts are perfectly acceptable. This is the only time I’m ever going to ask you to acknowledge him, by the way, so get the greeting in while you can.

I’ve turned the TV off as I don’t have the stomach for sitting through his victory speech. It will take awhile to fight off the nausea from just seeing the numbers on the screen throughout the evening. Time to stock up on the Gravol, I think, as no doubt I’ll be needing lots during his occupancy of 24 Sussex Drive.

I suppose that there is some good news, though. He only managed to pull off a minority government, so shouldn’t be able to get away with too much during his hopefully short hold on the top job in the land. Er, second to top job. Last time I checked, the Governor General was still Head of State. But perhaps getting rid of her is on his list of sweeping reforms. Who knows? She is a woman, and a member of a visible minority, after all, and she holds a higher rank … Anyway, he’s going to have to cosy up to the NDP if he wants to pass anything in the House and, if they stay true to their party platform, they should be anti most things that Harper thinks are damned fine ideas. A few “ifs” there, but we’ll see. Of course he could also cosy up to the Bloq, who shouldn’t be his best pals either, but again, we’ll see.

So, basically, I suppose that it could be a lot worse. The only way to get rid of him is to let the country see what he’s really made of, and I’m sure that we’re in for quite a show. The same applies to the thoroughly unlikeable creature from his party who was elected in our own constituency. How she pulled it off for the second time, with a greater majority, is beyond my realm of comprehension. Can’t wait to see what post she gets in his cabinet. Hopefully nothing involving compassion or diplomacy.

As for who will make the cut for senior positions in his cabinet, our country’s leading satirist, Rick Mercer, has made some pretty good guesses over on his blog. Highly qualified, the lot of them. Ugh. As for what will be on the first order of business list for the new cabinet, hmm, let me consult the crystal ball for a second here. Ah, the mists clear …

1. Do their damnedest to get rid of same sex marriage in this country.
2. Recriminalize abortion.
3. Try to get Canada out of the Kyoto agreement.
4. Wangle a long retreat for the entire party at a ranch in Crawford, Texas.
5. Send Canadian troops to fight in Iraq.
6. Wipe out the budget surplus as quickly as possible.

Oops the ball just shattered from overheating. Oh well, that’s a long enough list for starters.

So, off we go into a new era for this great land. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, it could be a bumpy ride.


8 thoughts on “Off to Hell in a Handbasket … Sort Of

  1. All kinds of interesting discussions have arisen at our dinner table since the election results have been announced. Small minority has myself and my brother hoping that the Conservatives will be held in check. As horrible as it is to have the Tories back in power, it did achieve the bliss of Paul Martin resigning. Hurrah for small miracles.

  2. Yeah, he's a charmer alright, Wosser. But at least he is only leading a minority government, so he can't do too much harm, really, if any. He might have the job, but he's going to have to play nicely in order to keep it for any length of time.

  3. I was waiting for your comment, Kinuk, as I knew that you'd be interested. I don't think that there's much doubt about the Conservatives being held in check, but it's still an uncomfortable feeling to have Harper at the helm of our country. Even limited power is too much where he's concerned. I agree with your comment about Paul Martin needing to go. He was a fantastic Minister of Finance, but I was less than impressed with how he seized power of the party and lost his way as Prime Minister. I don't think that he deserved to be as tainted personally by the scandals, but as party leader he can't escape some measure of responsibility. So, now the Liberals will hopefully choose a new leader with credibility, clean the party up, and prepare a strong, united front for the next election.

  4. That might be just as well, Michelle, as I don't think you'd want to know much about him. Well, maybe about him, but he's not someone I'd want to know personally. Shudder.

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