Alrighty, I guess it’s officially winter now. -33 C. as I type this.

But the sun is shining. And the sky is bright, bright, bright blue. And the wee birdies are singing, as they sit in the apple tree with their feathers all fluffed out. And the fresh fall of snow is sparkling in the sunshine. And the ice crystals in the air are glittering like fairy dust. And there’s no wind to speak of, so the chimney plumes are drifting lazily upwards. And the sundogs were glorious as the sun came up. And, no doubt, will be glorious again late afternoon.

Yup, it’s cold out there, but it’s pretty.


4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-chilly!

  1. Rather you than me with temps like that. However, blue sky must help a lot. I've been praying for grey skies as it would really be lovely to have a few days of NO sunshine for a change. My poor wiltered flowers would agree with me.Soon it will be Spring Eleansor *grin*.

  2. Right, now I know where to send wretched grey skies for the rest of the winter, Michelle. But come our blazing summer, I want them back. Deal? 😉 I dread to think what might be in store for us come summer with the unusual warmth most of this winter. Hopefully weather patterns sort themselves out a bit between now and then. By the way, that was the shortest cold snap in history the other day. The temperature started to rise late afternoon and next day we got up to 0 degrees. I think that we must be in some kind of parallel universe this winter. Looks like home, but sure doesn't feel like it weather-wise! Except for brief intervals, of course.

  3. So I keep hearing, YS. Once in awhile schools might close if the combination of temperature and wind dips below -50, but otherwise life goes on as per usual for everyone over here. Well, almost as per usual. On a -40 degree morning you start your day with a fervent prayer for the car to start when it's time to leave for work.

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