Say Something

Stephanie keeps telling me that I should say something about the upcoming election.

Something about the upcoming election.

There, I’ve said it.

This is the first election since Stephanie became a legal voter, so I totally understand her excitement. It’s always exciting the first time, but she happens to be casting her first vote in one of the most pivotal, unpredictable elections of all time. Many long time voters are confused about which way to go this time, so I can only imagine what it’s like for the newbies.

I went with her when she registered to vote last week and was thoroughly impressed with the sign up process and the man conducting it. He spent a fair bit of time talking to her about the importance of voting and how she should be making her choice on election day. Not telling her for whom to vote, obviously, but advising on how to make an informed choice. Absolutely every vote is going to matter in a big way this time, so voters must put a lot of thought into which candidate deserves the X on the ballot paper.

I’ve known how I’ll mark my ballot since the moment the election was called. Which is not to say that I haven’t read and listened to what the others have to say, but the more they say, the more they convince me that my initial decision is the right one.

However, it’s just possible that Mother Nature will play the biggest role in this election. This is Canada and this is January. An unusually gentle January thus far, but that can change in a hurry.

There, I’ve done the requisite election post and that’s all that I have to say on the matter until the fat lady has sung her tune on the 23rd. Recent polls are giving me a sense of impending doom, but hopefully voters come to their senses in the next eight days … or Mother Nature decides to pick on areas heavy in Tory supporters.


2 thoughts on “Say Something

  1. LOL… so, you said without actually saying who you'll vote for. I'm with you on this one. Snow upon us today – I was out to take my son to a before school hockey practice – seems that hour in the arena was time enough for Mother nature to start dumping! Good for Stephanie to be registered to vote, and great of the guy that registered her to speak of the importance of it and give some advice on how to make the choice without trying to influence her. Fingers crossed that the voting goes right.

  2. I somehow thought that we might be on the same page when it comes to Mr. Harper, Desiree. 🙂 As for who will get my vote, I answered that in a post above. But I'll repeat it here – the Liberals. I think that they've done some good things over the years and I want to give them another chance to clean themselves up and keep doing good things. Ah, so it does know how to snow in Alberta, after all! Speaking of which, I just noticed one whopper of a typo in my post, which I've now fixed. That's what I get for posting during the day, rather than when I'm prowling around in the wee hours. I only wake up after 9:00 p.m. 🙂 I had said “usually gentle January”, but of course I meant to say the opposite. Good grief!!Stephanie has been looking forward to being a registered voter for years now, so there was never any question of her not registering. She just needed to get her bum over there! She's very politically minded and it has been killing her to have no say in elections for the past few years!

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