Be Enlightened

Still on the topic of “say something”, Kate at Cider Press Hill has said plenty on the topic of spousal abuse over on her blog today. It’s a powerfully written piece, which deserves a much wider audience than it will get on her blog. Kate “gets it”, and has explained it in such a way that everyone else should get it, too.

That’s all that I’m going to say as the floor is all hers this time. Go on, get over there, and be enlightened.


3 thoughts on “Be Enlightened

  1. Wow, I went over there and read her post…excellent post…well written!I can't imagine living with that fear… my GAWD, it must be horrible… but I do get it… haven't experienced it, thank god but I do get it. I feel its a survival technique… when youthink you have no other options, you do whatever is necessary to keep yourself safe…and not to rock the boat… its very sad.. 😦 thanks for sharing her enlightening post!

  2. I went over now and read it Eleanor (sorry for my absense — life has been so busy). Abuse is something that too many have experienced, and too many others don't understand. It is a very difficult situation for those in it to leave, they fear the repercussions and no doubt do not know which is worse, the staying or leaving.

  3. That's exactly it, Desiree. You know that you should get out, but in a way it feels safer to stay as it's the known. As the old saying goes, “better the devil you know …”As for your absence, no need to apologize in the slightest. “Life” comes before blogging and visiting, always.

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