I Felt the Love!

Well, here it is, the day after, and I’m still feeling a tad overwhelmed. Thanks to everyone for making it a very wonderful birthday indeed!

The biggest thanks go to my amazing husband and daughter, of course, who managed to spoil me absolutely rotten. The paper shredder was a total red herring, by the way. I did kind of wonder at the time, but I knew that they were at a loss about what to get me for my birthday. There was nothing that I needed or desperately wanted, so that was as good as anything. But what they came up with as legitimate presents rather eclipsed the shredder. I still appreciate it, but, well, when it comes down to practical versus luxury, no contest, really! Add in a splendid birthday supper and, like I said, very spoiled indeed. No cake, though, as I didn’t want one. A whole cake for just the three of us is a total waste. None of us is overly enthusiastic about any standard variety of cake, so one small piece each and we’ve had enough. But, Stephanie slipped out to Tim Horton’s later in the evening and came back with a mini cheesecake with blueberry topping. Now that we can get enthusiastic about! She had taken a candle with her, which she lit before I opened the door to let her back in. She thinks of everything, you know. So much for “I’m just going for a brisk walk around the block to get rid of some Pepsi jitters.” Normally they can’t pull off surprises on me, but they’re obviously getting more skilled!

Of course the numerous greetings of various kinds from my friends, both near and far, rate a huge thank you, too. Cards, messages, phone calls, comments – all helped to make the day special. My pen pals have made birthdays special for many years, and this year was no exception. But I especially appreciate it this year as most have been very badly neglected for the past year or so, while I dealt with health issues and other major distractions. Thank you so much for your infinite patience, ladies, and for the reminders that you’re still there for me. Fantastic friends, indeed! Then there are my blogging friends. Thanks for all of your lovely greetings, and a very, very special thank you to Michelle for the wonderful surprise for me on her blog. You rock, Goddess! 🙂

So, obviously seeing the number on my profile rise by one wasn’t the least bit painful this time around. Well, I’m never too bothered by that number any year, but especially not this one. Numbers are irrelevant; it’s how you feel that counts. Right now I’m feeling mighty fine … and mighty loved! 🙂


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