Happy Birthday, Mommeh!

A picture I took of the Shrew today.

And this one which I think is adorable and natural and she hates, so it’ll only be here until she finds out and deletes it.


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mommeh!

  1. Aww, thanks Leslie and Michelle. 🙂 I've seen the gorgeous greeting on your blog, Michelle, created with Leslie's help, and I'm so touched! I'll get over there to acknowledge it properly later. The birthday report will come later, too, of course. So far your wishes are coming true for me, Michelle! 🙂

  2. As for you, Miss Stephanie, you'll be shocked to know that I'm leaving the second photo up, mainly to prove you wrong, of course. 😉 If it were just a crap photo, period, I'd have it off here in a second, but I'll leave it as a reminder of the fun we had while you were snapping away. For the benefit of those who weren't there, I was laughing at her, and it's oh so hard to stop once I get the giggles. Close the eyes and shake the head is my usual reponse to her antics … and the only way to compose myself once she gets me going!

  3. Your mom best be listening to Robbie. Yay! These photos are certainly adorable. And I do love the last one to pieces. Happy birthday, Mama E! xoxo

  4. Why, thank you, Miss Skyler. Muah! Thanks for the fabulous e-card, too. Very funny. 🙂 I actually haven't had a chance to listen to Robbie yet. Apparently he makes the ears of the others bleed, so I need to wait until nobody else is around before I give him a spin. Sad, isn't it?!

  5. It was a wonderful birthday from start to finish, Linda, and hopefully yours tomorrow is just as great. Tons of love back at you, my friend! 🙂

  6. OH I am so glad it was a lovely birthday!! and its even better to put a picture to the blog!!lolHope this year is filled with health, happiness and lots of special surprises!! 🙂

  7. Why, thank you,”me”! I fully anticipate that the next year will be a banner one. And that's “banner” in a good way, of course! I deserve and, by crikey, I'm going to get. So there! 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday Eleanor – oh I'm so late! Good seeing you, and you have an awesome smile in the second photo – thanks for leaving both up.

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