Ah, That’s Better

I don’t know who delivered the requested kick, but thank you. You didn’t even leave a mark on my tender hide – most impressive. Another thank you to whoever had a chat with the sun and coaxed it out from behind the clouds yesterday. A bit of a watery effort at times, but still sunshine. Of course it’s gone again today, but the forecast has changed dramatically and it will be coming back in the very near future. That’ll teach me to hold it all in for weeks. One good snivel and voila, results! Of course the somewhat clearer sky (variable cloud, as opposed to solid cloud) will bring much colder temperatures. Nothing resembling our usual January deep freeze, just highs in the minus teens, starting next week or so. I think we’ll cope.

I was talking to one of my sisters earlier and she has been in a funk, too. But she figures that it’s because we’re missing the bracing cold as much as the sunshine. Oddly, I think I agree. No doubt any fellow Manitobans who read this are going to start hurling missiles at me now, but think about it. We’re used to four distinct seasons and disorientation sets in when we don’t get them. It’s the same when we have a cool, wet summer, like the one before last. Remember the long faces and listless throwing ourselves about then? Same idea now.

But for today it’s all academic, so we’ll just leave it at that. The funk has lifted, and all’s right with the world. Thanks again for the kick, whoever you are!


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