First Novella of 2006

Well, this is a little more like it. Sir Alexander Fleming, you rock(ed)! I’m feeling much, much better, thank you. Acute symptoms are totally gone, as are the chronic ones that have been hanging around for ages. Allergies, eh? Obviously a certain member of the medical profession got that one a tad wrong. But whatever, it’s sorted now, and that’s all that matters. I was so used to the stuffy head that I forgot what it was like to inhale deeply of cold air and have it circulate within the sinuses. Yowza! Perhaps shallow breathing might be advisable outside until spring, though. The supply of brain cells is dwindling enough as it is, without killing them off en masse through freezing. Being able to hear semi-properly out of my right ear again is kind of nice, too. Still a wee bit muffled, but the nasties are gone and things will get back to normal in there soon. Just don’t tell Stephanie that I can hear again, okay? She thinks that she can still mutter at will if my right side is turned towards her, and I don’t care to enlighten her just yet. I will when the time is right, but not just yet. Know what I mean? 😉

And so, here it is, 2006. No reflections on 2005 for your entertainment, I’m afraid. I’m a look ahead kind of gel (with a hard g, as in posh speak for “girl”), and the less dwelling on the past, the better. 2005 was an “interesting” year, and we’ll leave it at that. On to 2006 now, rubbing my hands with anticipation. Last year I had a feeling of impending something when I put up the new calendars, but this year the vibes are all positive. “Interesting” years have always been followed by good ones, in my experience, so bring it on!

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, nor do I make solid plans for the year ahead. “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” was written with us in mind, for sure. So, it’s much less frustrating to just skip the whole planning in advance thing. Sure, there are things that I’d like to see happen this year, but if they do, they do, and if they don’t, whatever. One way or another things always seem to work out as they should in the end, so we’ll just go with the flow and be prepared for the totally unexpected to come creeping up on us … as it tends to do on a regular basis.

No big New Year’s Eve tales to tell as New Year revellers we’re not. Well, we do celebrate in our own little way, and this time was probably a lot littler than most. A certain somebody went off for a “nap”, and slept right through the evening. No, not Richard this time, surprisingly. 🙂 Nor me, obviously. It was the one you’d least expect to snooze New Year’s Eve away. Dear oh dear. We tried to do the Chinese food for supper ritual, but our current favourite place wasn’t delivering. Nor were numbers two and three on our favourites list. Their busiest night of the year and they decide to let most of the staff have the night off. What’s up with that? And not for the first time, I might add. We’ve tried the Chinese dine-in thing other years, with disastrous results, due to woefully inadequate staffing levels. Same thing with the order by phone and then go and pick it up route. Time to change our New Year’s Eve dining ritual, methinks. Sorry, but you can’t take your customer base for granted, and people aren’t going to keep going back if they get really shoddy service … or no service at all. I worked in the restaurant industry many moons ago and that’s just not how it’s done. We knew when we were going to be swamped with business, and it was all hands on deck, including hauling in anyone we could think of who might want to earn a few bucks for that one occasion. If regular staff wanted the night off, tough. So, we opted for chicken and some interesting side dishes instead. And no, it wasn’t a grease fest from KFC. Shudder. We know an Indian chap who runs his own independent operation and he gets our business. Best chicken ever, and perhaps the most interesting, eclectic selection of side dishes in the whole city. India meets the rest of the world, except for China, all on one menu.

Dining to excess was about the only excess of the evening. I’m not supposed to drink because of the antibiotic I’m on, although I did push the point at midnight and had a half glass of wine, much to my regret. Hit me like a sledgehammer, and they weren’t kidding with the warning about alcohol causing major stomach irritation while on this medication. Dang, it burned! Shame, too, as it was my very favourite white wine of the moment, not cheap, and bought specially as a treat for New Year’s Eve. Ah well, he can buy me another bottle as a treat for my rapidly approaching birthday. Which is the most important day of the whole year, of course. 😉

I sort of piddled the evening away, doing not much of anything, while the man of the house surfed aimlessly, looking for some kind of New Year’s Eve TV offering that was worth watching. Didn’t find one, much to his disgust. Loads of reruns and general rubbish, and the actual New Year’s Eve programmes were beyond dire. Now I know how my dad felt when Guy Lombardo retired, and was replaced by Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, or whatever you call it. It appealed during a certain phase of my life, but not anymore. Nor do the alternatives along the same vein. Man oh man oh man, call me an old fogey, but The Pussycat Dolls, Mariah Carey, and a bunch of rappers just weren’t doing it for me.

On to New Year’s Day now. ‘Tis the one day of the year when I feel the urge to go on a full throttle sort and organize binge. Clear out the old and make way for the new, I guess. Usually it’s pack away Christmas day, too, but I did that on the 30th. Enough already, it just had to go. Before Christmas, the tree and other bits are marvellous. After Christmas, they’re just clutter. So, with that job out of the way already, I had the whole day in which to sort and organize. Yee haw. First up, the filing cabinet. Note to self – do invest in a paper shredder before next Jan. 1st. Ripping stuff into itty bitty pieces to obliterate account numbers and such is really hard on the fingers … and tedious … after awhile. I was going to move on to other sorting thereafter, but got a gentle reminder that someone was heading back to work today after his nice long break, and that someone requires some baked goods in the freezer to sustain him through his arduous work day. Oh yeah, meant to do that a few days ago and forgot. Well, okay, I didn’t forget, I just couldn’t be bothered. But, since I mucked up his holiday well and proper, I did kind of owe him something in return. I threw a supper of his choice into the deal. Guilt is an amazing thing. The craving for Chinese was still there, so I made some, sort of. Just happened to have a collection of the right veggies on hand for a chicken stir fry, and a divine one it was, if I do say so myself. Well, a bit wetter than a stir fry in the end as the man of the house will only eat rice if it has something to swim in, but same general idea. After supper it was back to the sorting and organizing, with the disaster area, formerly known as my writing desk, being the next target. It’s a roll top, so has lots of cubby holes in which my pack ratty self can stash all sorts of bits and pieces which seem oh so essential at some point, but “I kept this because?” at a later point. And we won’t discuss the state of the drawers before I emptied them all out and made large deposits into garbage bag and recycling bin. Found lots of “thought I’d lost this” good stuff, too, mind you. All of that was after I found the writing surface again, of course. There are lots of other flat surfaces in this house, but everyone’s junk seems to have a magnetic attraction to my desk. Thought I’d later tackle the desk on which this computer sits, but I made the mistake of sprawling on the love seat for what was supposed to be just a few minutes. It’s where I awoke this morning when Richard got up for work. Oops.

So, not a terrib
ly exciting start to the year, but one doesn’t want to overdo it at the start and have the rest of the year pale in comparison, does one? Onward and upward!


2 thoughts on “First Novella of 2006

  1. These wishes are seriously belated (see projectile vomitting post on own blog), but I would like to wish you and Richard and Stephanie a very Happy New Year with a 2006 full of love, blessings and the little things that make it all worthwhile. All the best!

  2. Thanks for the greeting, Kinga, and the same wish goes right back to you. Very sorry that you were ill, though. Not what you want at any time, but especially not over the festive season. I wasn't too happy with my ailment, but it was a lot better than yours. Bleh!

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