Merry Christmas!

Gah! I’ve been trying to get a Christmas Greetings post up here for two days, and hopefully I can get it done this time! Either the computer is in use when I have the time to sit down at it, or I’m interrupted the second I get on here. Well, let the phone ring and let the others demand. Some other very important people deserve a greeting, too, and I’ll not shift my bum out of this chair until I get it up for you!

It has been a busy week or so since I last put up a proper post. No need to explain what I’ve been up to, I’m sure. The same as all of the rest of you, give or take some minor details. I had the important stuff sorted well ahead of time, but there are always little last minute things to take care of, aren’t there? Luckily I got an early Christmas gift and had the best burst of energy that I’ve had in over a year. The brain fog lifted nicely, too, which is even better than the physical energy. Don’t much care for that feeling of porridge between my ears. I can be daft enough when the brain cells aren’t encased in goop, thanks! Alas, I’m fading again, but it was nice while it lasted, and I know that it’s waiting there for me again when I come out the other side of the down swing. Every upswing is higher and every down swing shorter than the previous one, so it’s all good.

The highlight of the past week was going out for a really lovely pre-Christmas fine dining experience, as is our habit each year. Usually we did it on the day when the student was sprung from school for her holiday. But those days are behind us, so we just picked a day when it felt right. Fantabulous meal and a very festive atmosphere in the restaurant made for a lovely evening. Well, certain patrons were a tad too festive, but they piped down after the manager had a word. It didn’t improve their table manners or stop their cell phones from going off continuously, but at least they reverted to indoor voices. Turning my chair so that I didn’t have to see their appalling eating habits out of the corner of my eye helped, too. I’m sure that it won’t surprise you to know that I’m really big on table manners. Really, really big, actually. I can grit my teeth and pretend to ignore certain things, like elbows drifting onto the table. But reaching across people’s plates to grab the salt, picking up a whole steak and gnawing at it, smacking as you chew, or displaying the contents of your mouth as you chew are apt to have me reaching for the smelling salts.

Our evening out was Sunday, one of the coldest days thus far with a daytime high of -25 with a very brisk north wind. Not at all unusual for December, but a bit shivery, even for we polar bears who are accustomed to such things. However, Old Man Winter must be going senile as he has followed that with something much more resembling Easter weather, than Christmas. Not complaining, mind, but it is a bit disorienting. Snow drifts at Christmas don’t even merit a second glance. But puddles? Whoa! No danger of all of the snow melting as we had so much before the warm spell arrived. But it’s going down and there are puddles on all of the driving surfaces. Most bizarre. Memories tend to be short when it comes to weather, but I’m sure that I’ve never seen Christmas puddles before.

Speaking of previously unseen events, Richard started a ten day holiday yesterday. Hands up anyone else in the health care field who has ever been granted such a treat during the Christmas season. Exactly! It’s marvellous and we were very excited about it in advance. But, like the warm weather, the ability to have the kind of Christmas and New Year that the masses enjoy regularly has us a bit disoriented. How do we do this when we don’t have to squish things in where we can around a work schedule? Even though I’ve been out of nursing for a long time now, this is a total first for me, since I was seventeen years old. At eighteen I was a fully qualified nurse and holidays as I knew them, including Christmas, were a thing of the past. Then I married a nurse and, well, that was that. Stephanie has never known a Christmas/New Year season without a parent working most, if not all, of the significant days, so she’s really befuddled. There’s this feeling that we should be doing something, but what?! Like Richard said a few minutes ago, “You spend your whole life serving others and when it comes time to serve yourself, you don’t know how.” Dear oh dear. Perhaps it’s time to crack open a bottle of something nice and get a proper “chill out” thing going here.

Right, this will have to do as Richard has been waiting all day for a live internet broadcast of something festive on the Beeb, which starts in a few minutes.

Love, peace, happiness, and a very, very Merry Christmas to all of my friends out there in Blogland.


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