Happy Holidays from Stephanie!


7 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Stephanie!

  1. Thanks for that, Steph. 🙂 Did you play around with the colour, or did our livingroom really look that warm and glowy when you snapped the photo last evening? Sometimes the camera catches what the eye doesn't. Oh, and I straightened the angel atop the tree. Didn't realize that she had listed somewhat. Ahem. Her battery pack had slipped off its hidden perch and pulled her off kilter. Obviously we forgot to switch her on, too. Dear oh dear. Her halo and the song sheet in her hand light up …when someone remembers to flip the switch! A wee bit less of the old please, Wosser. 😉

  2. Merry Christmas Stephanie. Wishing you a joyful and magical day. And talking about magical – may 2006 bring to you, all the good things you deserve. May it be an exciting year for you and may you find peace, love, happiness and the courage to face any challenge, at every turn.

  3. Back at ya, Stephanie! Hope it was a very happy one for you all.BTW, the tree looks GORGEOUS! But then, you and your mother have such great taste, it's no wonder it looks so good, really.:-)

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