Comfort Food?

I was scanning the newspaper the other day, as one does, and came upon the weekly recipe section. The theme for part of it was old-fashioned comfort food, including “Old-fashioned Bread Pudding”, as in “the kind Grandma used to make”. I have a pretty scrummy “old” recipe of my own, which I make quite regularly, but thought I’d see if perhaps this version would make for a nice change. It wouldn’t. Old-fashioned my ass. Since when does old-fashioned bread pudding include a vanilla pudding mix, rather than the standard eggs, milk, butter, sugar, and vanilla, which form a lovely custard as the pudding bakes? Rice pudding is apparently supposed to be made in a similar manner, which is equally appalling.

The main course dishes consisted of dumping a tin of this, a jar of that, a packet of whatever, over some basic meat/veg/pasta ingredients and voila, old-fashioned, made from scratch, comfort food.

Okay, listen up people. If it comes from a box, jar, or tin, it’s not “made from scratch”. Granted, it’s a step above “peel back corner and throw in microwave”, but old-fashioned and made from scratch? Puh-leese. The irony is that all of the recipes could be made totally from scratch in about the same amount of time and with much more pleasing results … and for less financial outlay. Put Home Ec back into the basic school curriculum and teach people how to cook again. It’s not a difficult thing to learn!


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