Is That Really the Date?!

Blogging is going to be rather hit and miss for the next couple of weeks or so. I’m not declaring an official break as I’ll probably pop in now and then, but it won’t be a regular thing, for sure. ‘Tis the season, and I have lots of seasonal things to attend to, with December all but here. But wasn’t it just mid-summer? Somebody slow that calendar down next year, please. It has flipped its pages waaaay too quickly this year!

Thanks for all of the comments in the past week or so. I’m not ignoring them and will reply when I get a minute, promise. I’m not ignoring e-mails and such, either. I’ve read them, but just haven’t had time to reply. Will catch up with everyone once I get to the bottom of my to do list. Or near enough to the bottom that the conscience lets me off the hook for a few minutes here and there. Funny how I can tune out external voices with ease, but never that of the conscience. Any suggestions on where I might be able to find the off button? 🙂

Catch you later…


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