Counting Sheep … NOT!

Any night shift workers out there who’d like a night off while I cover their shift for them? Desiree? Anyone? I might as well be doing something useful in the overnight hours until I get my sleep pattern turned around again. Sigh.

I’ve always been a night owl, but it has taken on a whole new meaning just lately. We were all felled by a bug last week, and napping during the day at the height of it has totally thrown my sleep pattern out of whack. Not that it takes much as I go through spells like this every now and again anyway. But it’s most inconvenient this week with Richard on holidays. He wasn’t feeling too spry for a few days himself, but he’s over it now and would dearly love to have some outings with his lady wife before he has to head back to work on the weekend. I’d dearly love to accept his invitations for lunch out, Christmas shopping, and whatever else strikes his fancy. But if I haven’t slept at night, I need to catch some zzzzzzzs during the day, which thoroughly throws a wrench into outing plans. Throws a wrench into time together, too, as he’s the early to bed and early to rise sort, which is the total opposite of my pattern at present.

I’ve tried dogging it through a day without sleep, which resulted in full zombie mode for that day, and more or less a full night’s sleep that night. But then it was back to the up all night pattern again the next night. Sigh. It will resolve itself naturally eventually, as it always does, but I need it to resolve now! He’s the understanding sort and isn’t giving me a hard time at all, but I still feel like I’m spoiling his precious time off.

It might not be so annoying if I actually accomplished something in the overnight hours. But, while I’m not sleepy tired, I’m kind of in a fog because I’m so upside down. Thus, it’s sort of wasted time all night and then a wasted day sleeping. And I really hate wasting time, especially several days in a row.

So, just leave a message in the comments if you want a shift covered for tonight, okay?


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