At the Risk of Sounding Like a Broken Record …

Ok, just one more post about the first storm of the winter and then I’ll shut up, promise!

I found a good story about the storm over here, including some decent shots in a photo gallery. Just thought it might be of interest to those in other parts of the world who don’t get to experience winter “properly”. The area in the gallery photos is very central, so received less snow, and especially less drifting, than some of the rest of us did. The city is spread out over a lot of square miles/kms, so weather conditions can vary a fair bit from one area to another.


5 thoughts on “At the Risk of Sounding Like a Broken Record …

  1. Wow! You got hit with a real winter snow storm out there. We've only been dusted so far… our streets are bare, sidewalks bare. I'm not in a hurry to see much snow, but know it shall come (I didn't move THAT far south that to think I shall not get snowed on). I'm grateful, however, that hubby did make it back North with the car before we do get hit.

  2. I dont ever want you to shutup – even about the snow. I never see that stuff here so the pics are great and I love to read about how people cope in such adverse condition. So continue. Please.

  3. Sending you (((Sunshine))) from Edmonton. I seen on the news how hard you were hit with snow. We had a little snow yesterday, just a little. It warmed up here, a beautiful sunny day. I can wait another month before getting hit hard, no luck.

  4. It's just a matter of time before we get the same treatment. I looked at the picture below and could feel the snow shovel in my hands and smell the snow. It's probably not nice to say I'm glad this was someone else's snowstorm. 🙂

  5. Oooh, your turns are coming, ladies. Be very afraid! 😉 Well, not you, Michelle, but the rest. Bet you'd love to wake up one day and see a foot of snow outside, eh? 🙂 Oops, funny how that little Canadianism slips out when I least expect it!!Oh, and Kate, no offence taken as I understand totally. When it's your turn I'll be thinking the same thing from my perspective. 😉

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