Let the Winter Moaning Begin!

I actually hesitated to put that snowy photo up last evening, as nowhere near that amount of snow was expected and I don’t like to overdo the drama. However, it turned out that the picture was actually a bit less dramatic than reality in the end. I knew that we were going to get more than the 5 cm of snow originally predicted, and possibly more than the 10 cm in the later prediction. It was just too stormy last night to be a “light to moderate accumulation” by the end of the storm. But, I don’t think that any of us would have predicted what we ended up with by the time the snow quit this morning. 30 cm/a foot is the official snow measurement, but you’d be hard-pressed to find any of that actual depth in my immediate vicinity. The wind did its thing and whipped it into drifts of well more than a foot in our yard, and any other spots that I can see at a glance. My rose bushes along the back path to the garage are completely buried and they’d be a good two feet tall, at least. The fence between our property and that of our neighbour (we only have a neighbour on one side) is about four and a half feet, and there’s a drift right at the back of our property that is nearly up to the top of the fence.

I wasn’t out today myself, apart from in my own yard, doing the obvious. But Stephanie took a bus ride to the nearest mall this morning and said that it was a total mess on the streets. She wouldn’t have gone if she had known how bad it was, but she isn’t a regular driver, so didn’t really think about street conditions. As it was, she ended up stranded at the mall as buses were having such a hard time of it that they gave up on some routes and just concentrated on the main ones. Which led to a phone call some time later and Richard braving the streets to go and get her. Better him than me. The ploughs had opened one lane on most of the main arteries by that point, but getting the few blocks to a main artery was rather interesting, I’m sure. The snow was bad enough, but there was a nice layer of black ice underneath it. So, very treacherous driving conditions indeed. Hopefully sand/ salt will be on at least intersections by tomorrow, but snow removal was the priority today.

And yes, I am a coward about winter driving … but anyone with any sense is in this city. I was a much braver driver and would tackle just about any winter road conditions before I moved here and saw first hand why Winnipeg drivers have such a terrible reputation. The worse the conditions, the crazier they drive. Truly! I suppose that after fifteen years here, as of this week, I should be saying “we” rather than “they”. But I’m still not really a Winnipegger in my head when it comes to certain things. Identifying with Winnipeg drivers being top of that list of certain things!

The storm itself was gone by this afternoon, but a high pressure system behind it brought us even stronger winds and the rapid fall in temperatures that is the norm after a storm. So, it’s blowing something awful out there tonight and the -12 C. air temperature feels like -28 with the wind. The high for tomorrow is -12, with the strong winds continuing.

As I said yesterday, it’s here! And I strongly suspect that it’s staying until spring.


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