Moderation in Everything

Still on the virus and dead things theme, I’ve had an unusual number of nuisance phone calls in the past week, trying to sell me life insurance. Should I be concerned?

I’m as insured as I want to be, thanks, and I don’t care how much anyone offers me over and above what I have, and at what kind of great deal. “Oh, you can never have too much life insurance. Wouldn’t you feel badly if you left your loved ones in a position where they had to struggle?”

a) I’ll be dead, so no, I won’t feel badly, or otherwise, about much of anything.
b) Yes, you can have too much life insurance. If you’re worth far more dead than alive, it’s probably not a good thing. No matter how much your nearest and dearest say they love you.


2 thoughts on “Moderation in Everything

  1. It probably wouldn't help in this case, Leigh, as the calls were from companies who must have my phone number on record. As in credit card companies, especially store credit cards. The weird thing is that I always get a flurry of calls from them with these offers when there's nothing owing on the cards. You'd think that they'd be more interested in my being insured when I owe them money. 🙂

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