I’m sitting here contemplating whether or not I should sit up all night, guarding my property from teenage thugs. I’d like to say that I’m just joking. I think I am, for the most part, but there’s a little part of me that isn’t sure.

You see, I’m not used to having someone threaten to come and burn down my house, and it came as something of a shock. Not used to hearing what came out of his filthy little mouth before that final threat, either, but it’s the last bit that made me feel rather nauseated. That’s gone now, but I still feel a tad shaken.

The sensible part of me tells me that it was just a little creep trying to look like a big man in front of his four buddies. If they had challenged us, too, I’d definitely be worried, but they just kept on walking and let The Mouth do his thing on his own. One did tell him to shut up, which makes me feel somewhat better, but I’d be feeling a whole lot better if he had listened to the command to shut up.

Of course the sensible thing would have been for Richard to shut up, too, but he was blazing. He blazes rarely, but when he does, he does. I could see his point easily enough, as they had committed an act of vandalism. A relatively minor one, but still vandalism. They knew that they had been seen and had begun to skulk off just as Richard shouted at them. Which quickened the steps of four, but not The Mouth. Needless to say, Richard soon learned that the youth of today don’t respond to the stern voice of an adult like they did when he was young. Not only do some answer back in very unpleasant ways, but they aren’t likely to let the matter drop until they’ve had the last word.

I’ve never seen them before, so hopefully they were just yobs passing through and “marking their territory” as they went. But it will probably be a little while before I look at a kid in a black hoody, and the rest of the “chav” gear, with the same indifference as I did before tonight.


3 thoughts on “Yobs

  1. I'm sorry to hear about your experiences. It sounds like they were your typical teenage thugs, bored and with plenty of attitude. There is no sure-fire way of dealing with those.

  2. I would have been petrified. Luckily I am armed response so I would have just phoned them to advise them of what had happened and they would have sent a car to patrol the area on a regular basis. I am disgusted with the youth of today. Where are the parents of these youngsters?Have a great weekend!

  3. Gosh, that is rather scary! And there's always one smart-arse in every crowd, eh?Michelle has a valid point – where the heck are their parents? Unfortunately, the answer to that seems to be that a lot of parents just don't CARE where their kids are, or what they're doing – as long as they're out of said parents' hair.There's been a bit of debate in my country as to whether parents should be made accountable for their kids' actions. I have to say that I feel that is not such a bad idea…

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