While on the Subject of TV Doctors …

The hand has recovered enough to hold a pen again. So, it’s back to Plan A – Christmas cards and letter writing over the next little while. Just thought I’d leave certain of my readers a little something to look at while I’m not around as much. Now the trick is to tear myself away from this post! Sigh …


6 thoughts on “While on the Subject of TV Doctors …

  1. So glad your hand is better. I have not started my cards yet as I am busy making Xmas decorations. When those are finished, I will tackle the cards but it will have to be very soon taking into consideration the length of time it takes from here to there.Hope you are having a fantabulous weekend and that it is not too cold.

  2. Just let me know when you're ready for the spoilers, Leigh. 😉 It's a long wait 'til February and you KNOW that you're dying to hear what's happening. Oh, the tales I could tell … Thanks, Michelle. You have time yet for the cards, so don't panic. Making decorations is just as important. 🙂 I don't know what your mailing deadlines are, but ours for Africa is something like Nov. 25th. By the way, if you can tear yourself away from the decorations for a second, I still need your mailing address. Card sending is not one-sided you know, and I won't quit bugging you until I get the address. And you know how stubborn I am, right? :-)Good guess, Desiree! LOL! Actually, it was zero cards yesterday … but I did write a long letter, so the conscience is clear. Kinda sorta. 🙂 A conscience can be a terrible nag, or at least mine is. Wish I could find the off button for it sometimes!

  3. Just came back again to have another look at de man! Whew! Yup – he's still gorgeous.And THANKS so much for your offer of spoilers, Eleanor…but NO THANKS! I am going to hang out until February and then lap it all up! 😀

  4. Keep looking, Leigh. He'll be here for a few more days. 🙂 I have the photo on file, too, so just might bring it back at some point, if I'm in a verbal slump and you ask nicely. Hehe.

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