Guest Post by Stephanie

Random Hugh Laurie to brighten everyone’s day.


They WILL NOT cancel another good show. *cough*Firefly*cough*


10 thoughts on “Guest Post by Stephanie

  1. Sort of an “in joke” there, I think, Wosser. She loves “House” and we have had a number of discussions on its merits. I do watch it on occasion because I like Hugh Laurie in anything. But take him out of the show and there wouldn't be much left, in my opinion. She feels otherwise, strongly, obviously.Oh, and Stephanie, I agree that it shouldn't be cancelled. It's stellar compared to most of the other junk on the box these days. I just don't like TV as much as you do, so something has to be really outstanding in all ways to grab me as a devoted fan … as you know. And before you say it, yes, “Coronation Street” does meet the criteria! You just haven't figured out the deep meaning to it yet. 😉

  2. We're avid House watchers too. That chracter seems a far cry from his Hugh Laurie/Stephen Fry days in Jeeves and Wooster. Of course that just proves what a multi-talented actor he is. Although I still say his best character Prince George is in Blackadder 3rd (the scene where he starts clucking like a chicken is hilarious) followed closely by Blackadder 4th. I hear there may be another Blackadder series; I wonder if he'll be in that one or does he considers himself too much of a star for BBC comedies these days? 🙂

  3. Hi Lynn. 🙂 I'm in total agreement about the Prince Regent being the best Laurie character to date. I've seen that series I don't know how many times and he still makes me fall about laughing! I liked him in the 4th, too, but the 3rd was the best. Could you give me the heads up if you happen to hear anything definite about a new Blackadder series? Such things find their way over here eventually, but it takes awhile. If Hugh Laurie isn't in it, I imagine that it will be down to schedule conflicts or whatever, rather than massive ego. I read an in-depth interview with him somewhere recently and there's no ego there at all. Quite the opposite in fact. He truly can't seem to understand how talented he is. The actor who played Baldrick, Tony Whatsit, said that on the set they were constantly trying to boost Hugh's confidence as he thought that he wasn't the least bit funny in his scenes and was dragging the whole production down. As if! Apparently he feels the same about his House character. Every day he expects to walk on set and find that he has been given the sack. As is usually the case, his massive insecurity stems from extremely critical parents, evidently. Scarred for life, and all that. Shame. But maybe he's as good as he is because of the insecurity. Artistic geniuses of any kind seem to have tortured souls.

  4. You know, I watched the first few episodes of “House” because…well, because HUGH LAURIE stars. I'm afraid that after episode three or four, I gave up on it because I felt it was the same sort of story, week in, week out i.e. patient has weird symptoms, they all try to guess what is ailing said patient, but only Dr. House is able to finally diagnose. *yawwwn*And frankly, Dr. House's American accent really grates on my nerves. Why, oh why, couldn't Dr. House have been British?Stoning and hurling of abuse starts in 3, 2, 1… *grin*

  5. No stoning allowed on my blog, Leigh, so you can put down the shield. 🙂 Free expression of opinions without consequence is the rule around here. Polite disagreement is perfectly fine, as is civilized debate, or good-natured teasing. But no attacking … or else!Having said all of that, your points are perfectly valid. While I think that it's loads better than most of the stuff on the TV, it didn't grab me enough to watch regularly. See my comment. I agree about Hugh Laurie's fake accent, too, but I don't know if it's as much the sound of it as the principle. If they had to search for talent from across the pond, why try to hide it? British doctors do work in America, so I don't see why he has to sound American. So there! 🙂 On a somewhat related note, shall I give chapter and verse about the new “ER” season in a post? 🙂 Hehe. Ok, fine, no big spoilers, just for you, but I must tell you one thing. With Carter gone, Luka is now the male lead, and getting loads of camera time. Mmmmmm. We've even seen him smile this season – double mmmmmmm!!

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