A Bit More Halloween

Guess she hasn’t outgrown Halloween, after all! I wanted to post these yesterday, but I needed permission from “she”, as they’re her pictures and her handiwork in them.

The shot of the moon, looking up through the branches of one of our huge old maples in the back yard, was actually taken last week, I think. But it seems to go with the Halloween theme.


5 thoughts on “A Bit More Halloween

  1. When you say handiwork, do you mean that 'she' carved the pumpkin and baked the biscuits? They are fantastic, very well done indeed.

  2. Yes indeed, that's exactly what I meant, Wosser. She has carved some great jack-o'-lanterns over the years, but this one is probably my favourite. The biccies tasted as good as they looked, too. I know what you mean about the cookies, Lena. I got her going with the cookie cutters from the time she was old enough to stand on a chair beside me and “help”. But it didn't take her long to take over the entire job … and do it better. She has way more patience than I do when it comes to the decorating. Slap on some icing and sprinkles is about as fancy as I get! Oh, and by the way, the cats and bats look brown in the photo, but they were actually grey. Don't know how much food colouring she had to use to get the dough that colour, but it looked great… or as great as grey dough can look. 🙂 Perfect for this occasion, though.

  3. She is very talented and does well with preparing for Halloween. The cookies are fantastic, they look better than store bought ones!

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