Happy Halloween to ghosties and goblins of all sh…

Happy Halloween to ghosties and goblins of all shapes and sizes. Those of you with children, be they your own or borrowed, have fun doing the trick or treat thing with them. And make sure that they share! 🙂

Of course, now that mine is much too grown up for such things, we’re going to have one of the nicest Halloweens ever, as far as temperature goes. Hmph. I figure that I should pull the guilt card out of my sleeve and see if it still works. Would it kill her to go out for a bit and collect some goodies to share, just to offset the memories of all of the frigid, snowy times when I froze my bits off making the rounds with her? Of course not. She owes me! Ok, yes, she’s 5’9″ when barefoot and slouching, and eighteen years old, which might be pushing the point a bit with certain hander outers of treats. But she can always make the rounds on her knees, and I’m sure that she could muster up the little cherub grin of old if she put her mind to it. But I somehow suspect that the guilt card doesn’t hold that much power anymore. So, I’ll just have to pull rank on any leftovers at the end of the night, I guess. Like that’ll actually work, but I can try!

On that note, I’m not going to be around here as much for at least a week or so. I’ll probably make the rounds and do some reading, but I need to concentrate on other forms of writing for a bit. I’m finally finished all of the getting ready for winter jobs inside and out, so the conscience is clear in that regard at long last. But said conscience is pricking me big-time about a certain form of writing that has been neglected for far too long. It’s also just about time to practice my signature on a few dozen Christmas cards. Most go overseas, and many need a letter enclosed, so it’s definitely not a leave it to the last minute job.

Speaking of cards, the signature can never be over-practiced, and I don’t believe in limits when it comes to spreading festive cheer. So, if anyone would like a proper, personalized season’s greeting from this part of the world, just look for my e-mail address in the usual spot and tell me where to send it. Swaps are cool, but not a necessity. Oh, and please do speak up if you do the Yule thing or whatever, rather than Christmas. I don’t want to make the same mistake that I did when Stephanie was in her very first year of school. Her teacher was Jewish and I didn’t realize it … until after we gave her a Christmas card. Oops! She took it well, but I felt like a total dolt, being one who likes to get things just right at special times.

Catch ya later!


4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween to ghosties and goblins of all sh…

  1. LOL! Love the old fashioned picture. Nice one, oh, and yes, Halloween greetings. Funnily enough it's been really quiet round here, this weekend, maybe tonight we will be inundated with ghosts and such. Have a good one.

  2. Hope your Halloween was enjoyable, Eleanor. It is time for getting Xmas cards done, and I think I shall focus on them too in the coming week. I just looked and I do NOT have your addy in my palm, so, I'll be emailing you to get it (I know I had it once in email – I sent you some little parcel, right?)Well… have fun and hope your wrist does ok with the handwriting! (no cramping up now!)

  3. Yeah, I'm a sucker for Victorian card designs, Alexandra … just in case you hadn't noticed already. It seems to be a recurring theme on here for special days!Yup, Halloween was fun, Desiree. A bit quieter at the door than expected on a warmer than usual, not raining or snowing Halloween evening. But the ones who did come were ever so cute, especially the really little ones. Just one obnoxious older brat, who objected to what we were handing out, as somebody else along the line had given him the same thing. Oh boo hoo! The lazy troll hadn't even bothered to dress up, so he was lucky that anyone gave him anything. But I didn't have to give him a lecture on manners as a girl of about the same age arrived on the step at the same time and set him straight in a hurry … before snatching the stuff away from him and sticking it in her own bag. Yeah! I called her back for seconds. :)No demanding needed, Wosser, as we had so much stuff left over. We had 29 kids, which is about the average for the 13 years we've lived here. But I bought for 60, just in case last year's 50 was the start of a new trend. Guess it was just a blip in the stats, though.

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