As someone kindly pointed out in the comments about the Baby Yumminess post, the babies aren’t made of marzipan, after all. Rather, you can go here for the facts.

But regardless of the material from which they’re made, they’re still artistic marvels, I think. Which was the point of the original post, really.


2 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Well, gee, don't you just hate it when you're led astray?I guess it's a good thing the babies aren't edible, because that would be kind of creepy and sick, eh? 😀

  2. I won't hold it against you this time, Leigh, but no bogus e-mails in future, ok?! 🙂 Speaking of which, what's up with your e-mail? I've tried sending you several messages in the past month and and they aren't getting through. The first ones I didn't think too much about as they were photos of my nieces and rather large ones at that. But even short messages are bouncing lately. Either clean out your inbox or unblock me, woman! Or should I just take the hint? 😉

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