It’s the Gesture That Counts

Just a flying visit today as my dear husband and daughter are taking me out for a posh meal later and I should be getting ready for same. I have three hours yet, but you know how it is. I get half an hour in the powder your nose room before having to make way for she who gets ready reeeaaalllyyy slowly. I try to take that as a compliment, as in I don’t need a lot of preparation time, but probably I’m deluding myself … again.

Anyhoo, what’s the occasion for said treat? None, really, or at least none of the obvious. Rather, it’s part two of “thank you for being you, we’re so lucky to have you for a wife and mom.” Aww. Part one was a lovely card a couple or so weeks ago, containing an expanded version of the aforementioned sentiment, as well as a rather generous gift certificate, which with to spoil myself. Just out of the blue, which makes such things all that much more meaningful. It’s not often that they can completely surprise me, as I usually pick up on the slightest whiff of a conspiracy with ease. But they got me this time… big time. Knocked me speechless, too, which is another rare feat!! Richard almost let the cat out of the bag and I’m surprised that I didn’t catch on, but I’m glad that I didn’t. Genuine surprises are lovely and it’s great that they’re getting better at pulling them off. Especially this kind.

I haven’t used part one yet as aimless shopping really isn’t my thing, especially for myself. But apparently I’m being escorted to this particular store after the meal and I won’t be allowed to leave until I have used the certificate in full. And certain parts of the store will be blocked off, as in the ones containing frippery for the home and for persons other than myself. They know me well, don’t they?! Apparently I’m not allowed to look for things I need, either, just mad blowing of said certificate on things I want. Well!

Thoughtful gestures aimed at moi are far from a rarity in this household. But sometimes it’s the timing that makes a particular one seem especially special. I’ve tried to keep the whining to a minimum on my blog, but it has been a rather tough year. Some things have hit the blog, but most haven’t, for privacy reasons. I’ve stayed upright, as I always do, and “kept up appearances.” But apparently those who live with me have seen the knees wobble at various times, especially of late. Hence the treats and all.

But enough of the drama. Others have it a lot worse and this isn’t meant to be a self-pity party. This too shall pass and good always comes out of bad eventually. Meanwhile, there’s that meal and shopping to think about. I’m just wondering if I’ll be allowed to choose what I want off the menu, given the restrictions placed on the shopping excursion. Are they allowed to boss their heroine around in such a shameful manner? 🙂


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