Baby Yumminess

Ever been guilty of gushing, “oh you gorgeous wittle thing. I could just eat you up”, while cuddling a tiny baby? Well, now you can eat them up … literally. Believe it or not, the above adorable little creatures are made of marzipan. Amazing, eh? Talk about attention to detail.

But I just want to know if they smell as authentic as they look. It’s all about the nose with me, especially when it comes to that delicious baby scent. Um, make that clean baby scent. Most of Stephanie’s baby clothes were given away to a worthy charity when I realized that she was going to be my one and only. But I kept a few very special items, as in the outfit she wore when she came home from the hospital, a couple of baby blankets that I made myself, and a few items of clothing handmade by relatives. They’re tightly closed up in a plastic bag, which has miraculously kept the clean baby scent intact all these years later. Every so often, when I’m having one of those nostalgic, weepy, “where did my baby go?” moments, I open the bag ever so slightly and inhale deeply. Ah, she’s not gone after all. 🙂

Oh, stop shaking your heads and rolling your eyes. Hands up every mom of grown up children who misses her baby/babies every now and then and would give her non-dominant arm for a moment of babyhood back. Exactly!

Thanks to Leigh for bringing my attention to the marzipan babies via e-mail. Totally cool.


8 thoughts on “Baby Yumminess

  1. Aren't they the sweetest things, Eleanor? Oops – no pun intended. 🙂 I was just blown away by the detail too. Yes, I miss some aspects of having a wee baby around. I loved the powdery smell of my babies when they were small. I'll never forget the round, soft cheeks that were so delicious to kiss! *sigh*I hope I get to feel these things again when I have grandkids…but not TOO soon!

  2. Ah yes, the cheeks, Leigh. Who can forget those? 🙂 I don't imagine that your boys will make you a granny before you're ready. You'll probably end up nagging them about it eventually when you're ready and they're not!:) Mine informs me that I'm never going to be a grandma. She has plans for her life that don't include kids. Of course she's apt to change her mind a decade or so down the line, but really, I don't care either way. It's her life and I don't really care what direction it takes as long as she's happy. If she is going to change her mind about being a mother, I just hope that it's after she has done plenty of living for herself. I was totally oblivious to that option when I was young, but I've made sure that she isn't. But of course I won't complain if there are baby cheeks to kiss at some point … 🙂

  3. Oh no, there's something a little bit odd about munching your way through something that looks so realistic, think I'll stick to jelly babies.

  4. LOL! Well I guess it had to happen, edible babies, for the ogre in us all!! 😉 Oh, and love the new little image you have.

  5. Strangely, YS, I hadn't thought of that aspect. I was marvelling at the artistic side and really hadn't given the eating bit a thought. Maybe because I don't like marzipan, particularly? It makes fruit cake tolerable, just, but otherwise, no thank you. So, now that you mention it, perhaps there is something a wee bit barbaric about this whole concept. But on the other hand, they could have a market with frustrated new parents who have racked up a total of 24 hours of sleep in the first two months of their child's life. Chomping on one of these could be helpful indeed … and preferable to the alternative. And yes, ogres have their needs, too, Alexandra. 🙂 Ta for the comment about the new image. I just got sick of looking at myself, especially that photo, and thought it was time for something else.

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