Had to make a slight adjustment to the comments, folks. I was getting spam comments a bit too often for my liking … as in any spam comments, period … so have activated the word verification option. Hopefully the word you have to type is always easy to read, unlike some I’ve come across in other places. The one for booking tickets at the concert hall here is dreadful – wavy letters all squished together, with a patterned grid over top. I find myself doing the Magic Eye thing to try to figure out what I’m supposed to type.


3 thoughts on “Commenting

  1. Ok… shall I be the first to test it? Here goes. (and, I understand). I have tried the 'approval first'thing on my blog before due to Spam, guess I'll do that again if needed — I don't have the luxury of wavy letters in typepad!).

  2. Do you actually get any spam comments, Desiree? If you do, you must be quick to delete them because I've never seen them when I've visited your blog. Somebody else on my blogroll has the word verification feature, but I like hers a lot better. It uses real words and they aren't all wavy.

  3. I do get some Eleanor, but, guess I check my email often enough to catch them – most days there is a minimum of 3 checks (a bit OCD???) and if I see Spam, I immediately delete it.

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