Ladies, Start Your Engines…

Still on the celebrity theme, guess who’s scheduled to descend upon our fair city for a movie shoot, ladies. Seven days and counting. Well, many are counting, but not me, really. He’s good-looking and everything, but just not a stalking target in my book. However, I realize that I’m in the minority, so here’s the deal. Hotels are filling up with stalker wannabes at a phenomenal rate and odds of any of you getting a room at this point are rather slim. So, I’m taking reservations for my spare bedroom and, if you don’t mind roughing it a bit, there’s a sofa and loveseat on offer, too. I might even throw in binoculars and act as tour guide for the right price. Oh, and a bib. It wouldn’t do to have the man of your dreams see you with drool all down your front. But just remember, we do have stalking laws in Manitoba and I won’t fork out for your bail or court costs, if arrested.

Reservation requests must be accompanied by a five thousand word “Why I Deserve to Stalk Brad and Why I Deserve Your Splendid Hospitality” essay. Accommodation will be allotted on merit, as judged by hostess. But monetary bribes will be considered.

Oh, and gentlemen, rumour has it that Angelina is expected to join him at some point during his stay. Just thought you’d like to know.


9 thoughts on “Ladies, Start Your Engines…

  1. Sorry, but Brad does nothing for me. Zip, zilch, zero. As for Angelina, I think she is ugly.Hmmm, must have taken my b*tch pills this morning, eh? LOL!

  2. My daughter would disagree with you there Leigh. She loves them both. She can have Brad, give me George Clooney any time. Or maybe I should just say give me George.

  3. Now Linda, I've already told you that the queue for George Clooney starts behind ME! Of course, Eleanor would try to have us both believe that SHE'S first in the queue! 😀

  4. Put the fangs and talons away, Leigh. Only I have the right to spit venom on here, thank you. 😀 And just to settle the George Clooney debate, the line does indeed start behind me. I'd have given you second spot, but Linda was nice and you weren't, so she gets it. Besides which, it would take you longer to get here to put up a fight. *quiver* 🙂 She can be here in about 8 hours and it would take you about 22 or more, so that gives me lots of time to get out of town before you arrive! Our daughters are totally on the same wavelength, Linda. As are we, apparently. 😉

  5. In my eyes, Brad lost most of his appeal when he burned Jennifer. But … who am I to judge, not knowing either of them personally. Anyway – I'll come for the hospitality at another time, Eleanor, leaving the die hard fans to win the rights to stalking. (pssst… the squisy lettes are very squishy this time… hope I get it right!)

  6. The letters are a tad wavy and squished, for sure, Desiree. But at least there isn't a grid overtop, so it could be worse.Good point, Leigh! Just joking about the spitting venom bit anyway, as I'm sure you know. If you want to spit, go ahead. 🙂

  7. If I said I'd already met the guy, would people start blowing raspberries at me? 😉 He's even more pretty, pretty in person btw!

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