… to any and all fellow Canadians who happen to…

… to any and all fellow Canadians who happen to stumble by and see this.

Monday is the actual day, but we celebrate on whichever part of the long weekend works best around work and such. No such things as long holiday weekends for certain professions, you know. Richard works straight day shifts at the moment, so his work schedule doesn’t really matter. But we’re celebrating a day early anyway so that he can be at home to salivate at the aroma of the bird as it cooks. Apparently it’s not the same when he comes in from work at food appearing on table time, as the aroma-induced anticipation is as important as the gastronomic experience for him. Which suits me fine as Sunday is, and always will be, my preference. It was always a Sunday thing as I grew up and old habits die hard.

But I am letting go of one habit this time around and it will be chicken on the table tomorrow, rather than the usual turkey. The last couple of “special occasion” turkeys from the supermarket left a lot to be desired. So, everyone agreed that the plump, straight from a farmer, free-range chicken sitting in the freezer would be preferable. It’s about the same size as our usual turkey anyway, so no compromise, really. Pumpkin pies are made and all other feast items are on hand, so we’re set.

Now the trick will be to get the meal on the table before the knees give way. Perhaps a mid-afternoon meal might be in order as it will be pushing it to wait for our usual supper time. The evil virus isn’t gone, after all, and has chosen to rear its ugly head again in the past couple of days. I suppose that it would be more correct to refer to it as a syndrome resulting from a virus at this point, but whatever. Virus/syndrome, it’s an annoyance either way. Oh well, this still qualifies as progress since there has been a gap of a few weeks since the last really noticeable relapse. Hopefully the longer time between relapses also means a shorter limp as a noodle spell as it’s the wrong time to be lacking energy. The snow and cold that we had for a few days this week gave way lovely to Indian Summer today, which should hang around for a couple of weeks, hopefully longer. But we’ve had the warning that must be heeded. Winter’s coming and it’s now a race against Old Man Winter to get the autumn chores done before he arrives for the long return visit.

But what’s a long-lasting virus/syndrome compared to all that’s good this weekend and every day? It’s not life-threatening, just inconvenient, and inconveniences are nothing in the grand scheme of things. So, fie on bugs and syndromes. It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I’m giving thanks. I have it all, really – good health otherwise, a wonderful husband, a fabulous daughter, great friends scattered around the globe, a cosy home, all of the creature comforts that I need, and on it goes. Not much left to complain about, is there?

Oh, and one more thing to be thankful for – the leftovers from a Thanksgiving meal! No cooking on Monday … and maybe not on Tuesday, either. Good thing I’ve never learned to scale down from cooking for a large family on special occasions. 🙂


5 thoughts on “… to any and all fellow Canadians who happen to…

  1. Why Scale down, then you'd not have the 'leftover'day. We have the biggest turkey we have ever cooked– I didn't realize it's size when I was in the store as perspective there (there were a bunch of huge ones) led me to believe it was a bit smaller. WEll, we do have hubbys Mom, one of hubbys sisters, My Mom & her man all coming over. I'll freeze some of the turkey to resurrect it another day(s) for various dishes. We too are doing a Sunday dinner, seems to be what works for us -and usually we do have to work around two shift-workers schedules, so I know what you meen about some professions not getting the weekend celebrations– we've been there and will again. Happy Thanksgiving Eleanor.

  2. Eleanor, I so know what you mean about those store-bought turkeys. Friday, I bought a 'fresh' turkey as there were no frozen turkeys in our local store. Now I planned to cook it but with just veg-diet daughter coming, decided against it. I examined the bird closer only to find that this so-called fresh turkey was quite frozen, so I immediately tossed it in the freezer. So now I'm thinking, 'will this turkey even be edible the next time it is thawed back to a “fresh turkey” state?' In all other respects you have reminded me to be Thankful and thank you for that. It is too easy to take our blessings foregranted. And surely with the floods and earthquakes that are happening, there is no time to be more thankful if we are safe and our loved one's safe as well. Hope the virus clears soon and hope your Thanksgiving is one of special joy.

  3. Exactly my point, Desiree. 🙂 Some old habits are worth keeping! Hope you and yours had a lovely celebration.Thanks, Michelle. We followed your orders to the letter. :)If the turkey was still pretty much frozen, it should probably be ok, Roberta. Well, ok as in it won't give you food poisoning, but it's hit and miss with the other meaning of edible at the best of times with supermarket meat these days. Thank goodness we found a local farmer in the past few months to supply us with excellent “raised as it should be” beef and chicken. You're so right about us taking so much for granted. We all do it, whether we mean to or not, and too rarely think about just how fortunate we really are. But hey, we're human, and whinging over little things seems to be part of the human psyche. The trick is to keep the whinging in perspective, I guess. Nothing wrong with getting annoyed with little stuff, especially when it accumulates, but remember, it's not the end of the world.

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