Why Me?

I often joke about being paranoid, but truly, it’s only a joke. Or it was. Now it’s starting to set in, in earnest.

Remember my story from some time ago about biting into an apple turnover and finding my tooth marks in a nice big blob of blue mould contained therein? P-tooey. All of the others purchased at the same time were nice and fresh … except the one I chose.

Last time we went out for Chinese food, who got the cooked caterpillar on a chunk of broccoli on her plate? Nobody else found any extra protein in any of their food.

This evening my thoughtful husband brought home fish and chips, a growing up in England Friday treat in which he still likes to indulge now and then. And in which I like to indulge, too. Who gets the piece of halibut containing the worm? Just a little one and probably quite harmless, but eeeuuuwww anyway.

I could add numerous other examples, but I’m sure that you get the idea.

So tell me, is it just bad luck, or is there something about me that attracts fungi and parasites? I’d really like to know.


5 thoughts on “Why Me?

  1. Some of us are just marked for extra protein. I get the ones with wings and legs. A nicely stewed cockroach in a jar of spaghetti sauce and a flying bug missing a couple of legs and one wing at the bottom of a coffee cup. It's not pleasant to contemplate, but I guess we're still hale and hearty. The extra protein must have benefits. 🙂

  2. I remember some of your “food additive” stories from your blog, Kate. The really icky thought is that these are the ones that we've noticed, but what have we ingested without noticing? It wasn't so much the sight of what was in my fish last evening that turned my stomach. I saw it and didn't eat it, so no harm done. But then I got to thinking about how much fish I've eaten in my lifetime and how many of this one's cousins I've probably ingested without noticing. That's when I had to fight the gag reflex for a couple of minutes. But like you said, we're still alive and well, so I guess that uninvited guests aren't really all that harmful. But still, I'd really rather eat or drink only what I intend to!I'm really not all that squeamish, Michelle, but yeah, last night's experience was about as close to a gag moment as I've had in awhile.

  3. Oh silly me, YS. It's just so hard to keep up on additions to delicacy lists around the world. Next time I'll know better and will consider myself fortunate to find the lone caterpillar in the dish. Yeah right …

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