Why Me? Part Deux

“You like sea salt and pepper chips (crisps), right?”
“Indeed I do, why?”
“I bought you some … here. You must have the munchies since you couldn’t finish your supper.”
“Ah, ta very much, you’re so thoughtful.”
*crunch, crunch, crunch*
“Hmm, a bit different from the brand I usually buy for myself, but very tasty. A bit more to them than just salt and pepper.”
*crunch, crunch, crunch*
“What the …?”
*crunch, crunch, crunch*
“Oh jeebus, man, these have garlic on them!! Gah! Bleh!”
“No they don’t. How could they?”
*reads ingredients*
“There, garlic powder, halfway down the list.”
“Oh god, sorry, messed up again. I didn’t do that to you on purpose, honest. But I bought Zantac, Gravol, and Immodium today when I stopped off at the pharmacy after work. I noticed that the Gravol is about to reach its expiry date and we were low on the other two. Nice coincidence, right?”
“Quite. Are you sure that you didn’t plan this?”

Poor lamb, he tries so hard to please and struck out twice in one day. Three times, actually, as he didn’t notice that I went and had the haircut from hell repaired properly today. The first two don’t matter as his heart was in the right place, but the third was a serious blunder.

He’s good, though. “Sorry I didn’t notice, but I was so captivated by the colour of your gorgeous auburn hair gleaming in the sunshine as I drove up to the house that I saw nothing else. It’s a lovely cut, my dear. Very short has always suited you. It makes you look so young and vibrant. Maybe it’s just as well that the first one was a disaster and you were forced to go back to this cut. It has always been my favourite. And like I said, the colour in the sunshine is absolutely breathtaking. It’s exactly the same shade as when I first saw you and went weak at the knees. “

“Well, thank you. And yes, you’re forgiven. I wasn’t really upset with you anyway, just giving you a hard time. Night night. I’ll be up when my stomach settles. No, no, stop apologizing. I’ll be fine and it wasn’t your fault about either the worm or the garlic.”

It’s only now that I realize that it was cloudy and dull outside when he arrived home.


3 thoughts on “Why Me? Part Deux

  1. You are very fortunate. Even if your significant other gets it wrong – he's still showing you attention. I miss that in my life.Have a super duper weekend.

  2. LOL! Poor guy. He was trying after all and that has to count for something. And haircuts? Don't talk to me about cuts. We went to Sears last weekend and, I think I ended up with a complete novice who'd wandered in out of the restaurant area and decided to try out for a career in hairdressing. By the time she'd finished, I looked like a mouse who'd been run over by a combine! Sob!Thank god hair grows… quickly. 😉

  3. Oh don't worry, Michelle, I know how very lucky I am. See the new post for confirmation of that! He worships the ground I walk on and would give me the sun, moon and stars if he could. So, yes, I'm very, very fortunate indeed, and I remember it every day. But even the worshipped and adored are entitled to a little “poking fun at”, surely! It's all just meant as good-natured teasing, be it to his face or behind his back, so don't take anything I say about him too seriously. I might sound like a shrew on here sometimes, but I don't walk the talk in real life. Except on certain days. I am woman … with hormones … hear me roar. 😉 And yes, Alexandra, I do award points generously for effort. On the other topic, sorry, I know I shouldn't be snickering, especially after my own recent hair disaster. However, your graphic description is just too much for my smirk and snicker impulses. But if it makes you feel better, I'm not actually laughing at you. Rather, it's a literal mental image of what you described that got me going. 🙂 I take it that the cut is too short for a repair until it grows out some? I hope that you're the type who's not afraid to complain as you deserve a refund or a free repair job … if you dare risk it at the same place! Just block off the restaurant area in advance, lest another diner crave a sudden change of career!! 😉

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