Bad Hair Month

Signs that you’re going to walk away from a hairdresser with a cut you like:

1. They look you in the eye and acknowledge your side of the conversation when they ask how you want your hair cut.

2. She/he is pleasant, but the chatting is kept to a minimum ’cause they’re concentrating on what they’re doing.

3. They show you the finished job from all sides with mirrors and ask if you want them to make any adjustments before you leave the chair.

4. They ask if you want styling products applied, as the cut is good enough that products are optional.

5. They hand over their card voluntarily and tell you to call them if you’re the least bit unsatisfied with the cut after living with it for a few days.

Signs that you’re going to walk away from a hairdresser with a really bad ‘do:

1. They ask how you said you wanted it cut … after they’ve already started hacking away. And can’t seem to remember, no matter how often you repeat it throughout the cut.

2. They yack non-stop, with numerous stops of the scissors to “talk with their hands”. Then scissors resume task on another part of head entirely.

3. “Oh, no, it’s perfectly fine, I promise. I’ve just changed the style a bit and you’ll love it when you get used to it. It’s supposed to feel uneven, and one side has to be a bit longer because of how your hair naturally falls. Truly, it looks great. Oh no, I purposely left those long curly bits at the back because they’re so cute. They’ll behave once your hair gets used to being cut differently.”

4. A great glob of goop is applied and worked through before you can get a good enough look to argue any more about the quality of the cut.

5. You ask for their card and they don’t have one. You ask for their name, which they reluctantly give. But when you call to complain the next day, you find out nobody by that name works at that establishment.

Luckily my hair grows quickly … and Stephanie has a wide range of styling lotions and potions that’ll help to sort of make it look better. She recommends going wild and messy to fool the world into thinking that it was cut this way on purpose. Are people really that gullible?


3 thoughts on “Bad Hair Month

  1. Oh dear, you've had a bad haircut day then ?Last time I went I felt a sharp pain at the top of my ear, the cutting stopped, and then the girl started saying “I'm sorry, I'm really sorry,” over and over again. she had managed to slice the top of my ear with the clippers and it didn't stop bleeding for an hour.At least I got the haircut for free.

  2. Are people really that gullible?Let's hope so! ;-)I have only really ever had one REALLY bad haircut in my life. It was a long time ago and the hairdresser had been recommended to me by a friend.He proceeded to cut my hair in a style that was utterly RIDICULOUS! Long on one side and short on the other. I left the salon and was appalled enough by my new 'do' to ring him the next day and request that he 'even it out' so that BOTH sides sat at the same bloody length! Needless to say, I never went back there again.

  3. It's not quite bag over the head for a month bad, but definitely among the worst I've ever had. It takes a lot to rank as a horrid cut on my head as my hair is thick with lots of body and a fair amount of curl. So it'll “hide” a not so great cut pretty easily. But there are limits, obviously. It's looking better now, though, after Daughter and I both did snips here and there to tidy it up. It'll take a pro to really sort it out next time, but I can live with it for now. I just won't go out much. :)But better a wonky cut than missing bits of flesh, YS. Did she attend the Sweeney Todd School of Hair Design by any chance? That'll teach you to make radical changes. Should have kept the ponytail. 🙂 Ah, Leigh, that must have been when those horrid asymmetrical cuts were all the rage. Good thing some fads don't last long, eh? 🙂

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