Autumn in Winnipeg

A quote from a “rough weather” advisory for our region:

A low centred over Colorado is moving into the region. From Tuesday evening to Wednesday evening we expect : 30-40 cm of snow and 5-10 mm of rain, winds of 45 mph or more during much of this period.

Meh, it’s Manitoba and these things happen. But still …


2 thoughts on “Autumn in Winnipeg

  1. Shovel indeed. I thought that Richard had gone to the garage to collect same last evening, but he just came back with the heavy-duty outside broom. I gave him “the look” and he went back for the snow pusher, too. There's optimistic thinking and then there's being in denial! 🙂 Late last night it looked like we were going to escape the worst and get mainly rain. But this morning the system took a swing back to the north and the snow is pelting down. Oh well, it's just a winter “threat”, though, as nicer weather is coming in behind this system. This often happens early in October, and then we always get a nice spell of Indian Summer before winter arrives in earnest. Well, usually, anyway!

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