The Novelty Factor

If you ever want a break from houshold duties, just bring a new toy into the house. Suddenly the disinterest from others about sharing the duties vanishes in a nanosecond.

The new stove is lovely … or so I’m told. I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet as the others have taken a sudden interest in cooking and baking …voluntarily. Not that I’d normally complain about having the ball and chain removed for a few days, but I wanna play, too! It was the same when we got the new washer and dryer earlier in the summer. After a multitude of empty promises from Madam to start doing her own laundry all the time, the new machines brought results.

But of course the novelty never lasts. It took a few weeks for the washer and dryer fascination to wear off, and I’m predicting a much shorter time for the stove. Then it will be back to threats and bribery if I want someone else to make use of it.

Just for the record, the first thing produced on/in the new stove was Stephanie’s batch of absolutely scrummy Chocolate Banana Cupcakes. But she deserved first use as it had taken her ten years to pry the recipe out of my sister, only to have the old oven go boom on the day on which she finally had the long sought after recipe in hand.

I don’t quite get the coveting recipes thing as I figure it’s a compliment to my culinary skills to be asked for one. Often it’s not possible to share one as I cook on instinct a lot of the time and can’t give exact measures. “A bit of this, a dollop of that, cook/bake until it looks ready” makes perfect sense to me, but isn’t very helpful to anyone else. However, when I do use an actual recipe or can translate my bits and dollops into proper measured amounts, I’m very willing to share.

Which leads to an offer of the above-mentioned Chocolate Banana Cake recipe. It’s truly one of the best things ever, even for one such as myself who normally isn’t keen on blending such different flavours. (See post below.) Leave a comment if you want the recipe and I’ll post it for all to share. I’ll even include the matching frosting recipe, although I like it just as well without embellishment on top. Just depends on how sweet your tooth is, I guess … or how much you really love bananas and chocolate. If you don’t love the combo now, you’ll be a convert after trying this recipe. 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Novelty Factor

  1. Chocolate Bananas cooked on a fire and then covered with fresh cream afterwards is toooo delish for words.I am sure you will get a chance to use your new stove soon. I bought mine new 2 years ago when I bought the house but hardly ever use it. I simply do not enjoy cooking for just me.

  2. It looks like this recipe is wanted – and I can imagine my 13 year old wanting to be the one to make it – he likes sweets! I'll be back looking for it over the next week. As Kim says, enjoy the others enjoying the novelty of the new stove – you'll get plenty of oppertunity.

  3. Don't you just love how all the appliances decide to go 'bang' at the same time? We've just bought a new dryer and a new barbecue because both had seen better days. The dryer is fantastic – one of those new fangled ones that senses when the load is dry and switches itself off. 😀 Would love the recipe when you get the chance to post it here. I make Banana Choc Chip Muffins which go down a treat in this household, so I'm sure the Banana Chocolate cupcakes will be as well received!

  4. Your wish is my command, “anonymous”.Too right, Kim. That was very much a tongue in cheek “complaint”, as I knew that the novelty would wear off really quickly for the others … and it did. Damn. :)Mmm, will have to keep that little treat in mind, Michelle.Hope your son has a go at the recipe, Desiree. It's really easy, so perfect for a young baker. Congrats on the new “stuff”, Leigh. Of course one at a time would definitely be easier on the bank account, but it never works that way, does it? My new dryer has that same feature and I like it, too. That, combined with a barely warm very delicate setting, means that just about everything can go in the dryer now. Not that I'll ever give up my clothes line, but it's nice to have a dryer that cuts down on the need for air drying during the months when I can't hang things outside. The basement is very cool in winter so things take forever to air dry down there, and the clothes horse is in the way, regardless of where I put it in the “lived in” part of the house.

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