Tagged … Again!

The Goddess asked me to do this one and we all know that a Goddess is not one with whom to argue. Mortal powers I’ll sneer in the face of, but immortal powers scare me a bit. 🙂 Thus far she seems like a very friendly, kind-hearted Goddess, but it’s best to not push one’s luck! I had to think about this for a bit as just about everything I do could probably be considered idiosyncratic in certain circles. But here goes:


1. A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.
2. A physiological or temperamental peculiarity.
3. An unusual individual reaction to food or a drug.

List five of your own idiosyncrasies and then tag five friends to do the same.

1. Ok, look at number three in the definition and take a wild guess at what I’m going to say. Oooh, what a psychic bunch you are! Yup, it’s the garlic bit again. At best it giveth mega indigestion and/or killer heartburn. At worst it causeth me to loseth the meal which contained it … generally in both directions. Too much information? Well, now you know and we won’t need to discuss this again, ‘k?

2. Still on the food theme, I’m told that I have a very unique way of consuming an ice cream cone, particularly the soft ice cream variety. That’s unique as in causing men to stop in their tracks and have a good stare. But I’m not sure what “unique” means as Richard won’t elaborate, lest I quit consuming cones in that manner.

3. I don’t have a preference for right or left side of bed, but must have whichever side is nearest the window. And said window has to be open at least a crack until oh, about -15 or so overnight. And my feet are stuck out of the covers until I go to sleep. Then they drift over to the resident foot warmer, who really, really hates being touched by cold objects. Poor lamb.

4. Unless it’s a casserole/stew/whatever in which everything is supposed to be mixed together, I don’t mix food on my plate, or on my fork. Meat, potatoes/rice/pasta, and veggies are kept separate and eaten separately. And often all of one before I take a bite of another. And never, never plop a stir fry on top of rice on my plate. Side by side, or else. Same goes for dessert. Ice cream to the side of the pie, sauce to the side of the cheescake, etc. , please.

5. Much as I like to use unusual colours of ink when writing letters or whatever, I can’t stand using pink … or reading something written in pink. It makes me cross-eyed and nauseated. Really. Red is okay, but writing with it or reading it for too long has the same effect as pink.

Tag five friends to do this? Nah, tag yourself if you’re interested, and let me know if you do.


4 thoughts on “Tagged … Again!

  1. LOL Eleanor, I think I am definitely going to start eating soft serve ice cream in the vacinity of lots of men. If you stop men in their tracks when licking an ice cream cone, then the goddess has to try that trick too *wink*.

  2. Good to see that you got tagged.. as you know I already did 'it' so I'll just enjoy yours. I have a son that like you does not like his foods touching. It is a bit of a bother, but he does serve his own self now, makes it easier. Trouble though, he doesn't like foods touching even when they should such as in a stew or soup! I think we really GET IT on the garlic issue – that is too bad, however. (I do so love it). LOL… bet Richard loves to serve you up a cone (even if it isn't cold outside!)

  3. Eleanor… I too said garlic when I was tagged by Desiree. I absolutely HATE garlic! There is nothing that makes mo lose apetite the way garlic does! Even Sh_t smells better than garlic!

  4. I have to start with JK as you made me giggle with your comment. 🙂 Garlic haters of the world unite! My main objection to it is that it makes me ill if I eat it, but you're right, the odour alone has a similar effect. I think I even agree with your “graphic” comparison. LOL! Thanks for dropping by. :)Desiree, I really don't think that the whole garlic thing can be stressed enough. Seriously. 🙂 As for the point about keeping food separate on a plate, I'm not quite in the same league as your son. I don't care if they touch or blend together a bit. And yes, Richard does often ask if I'd like to stop somewhere for a cone! 🙂 Michelle, I really don't know what all of the fuss is about with the ice cream cones. But, if I can stop men in their tracks without trying to be enticing and sexy, it's guaranteed to produce even better results if you put some deliberate effort into your technique! 😀

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