Catching Up

I’m not actually supposed to be here today, but he who told me that I shouldn’t be won’t know that I’ve disobeyed orders. I’ll make it a quick visit and be out of here before my conscience notices. Annoying thing, that conscience!

I went for a visit with the optometrist on Tuesday, anticipating the usual need for new glasses after a few weeks of increasing blurriness. Ever since I started wearing glasses at the age of 30, I’ve been lucky if I get through a whole year without needing them changed. A tad hard on the bank account, especially since needing to switch to progressive lenses a few years ago. But no glasses were needed this time, much to my surprise and delight. And yes, I noticed the cheque book in my bag dancing the can can! πŸ™‚ The problem is dry eye syndrome, something that was noted during an exam when I first started wearing glasses, but that was forgotten by all concerned in the years since. But now it’s a noticeable problem to the point where it blurs my vision. Not a huge deal at all as the eye drops are cheap, and everything will be fine once they do their job. I’ll probably have to use them for the rest of my life, but whatever. Popping drops in a couple of times per day will just become routine and not even rate a second thought. Four times per day for now until the vision clears, but I’m already noticing a change and will soon be able to get into the twice a day routine.

But of course the dry eye thing is made worse by extended time on a computer, as one doesn’t blink as often while staring at a screen. Hence the order to stay off here for extended periods for at least a week, until the eyes recover a bit. Which I will do, but you’ll note he said “extended periods”, which is open to my own interpretation! πŸ™‚ But yeah, I won’t push the point, so today’s post will probably be it for a few days. I’m stubborn and all, but not stupid … usually. πŸ˜‰

Everything for Paul and family is sorted now. Thanks to Linda for a great footy joke that was the last bit of panache needed for our little missive. The flowers for the family have already been delivered and the ones for the funeral have been decided upon. In the end I got a brainwave and decided to acknowledge Paul’s football passion with the funeral flowers, too, which his mum and brother thought was a fantastic idea. Much as it pained me to place the order for flowers in Man. U. colours, I did it for Paul. Thoroughly decent bloke, definitely, but dubious taste in football squad of choice. πŸ™‚

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day emptying out my vegetable garden and doing up the things brought in. We hit a chilly 3 degrees C. the previous night, which is getting a tad too close to frost for my liking, especially for the precious tomatoes. We probably have our best crop of those, ever, and Jack Frost isn’t going to lay claim to a single one! So, now there are two large boxes to trip over in the porch – one with still green tomatoes, and the other containing nearly ripe or ripe. The green ones are on the verge of showing colour, so the boxes won’t be there for long. Now I just need to rescue whatever herbs I want to preserve for use over the winter, which I’ll do later today. Drying is the usual thing, but I prefer to freeze mine. If you do it right, they taste just like you’ve used fresh-picked in a cooked dish. It’s a finicky process to get the freezing exactly right, but I’ve mastered it over the years and it’s worth the effort for the finished product. I grow a few herbs just for their appearance and scent in the garden and won’t bother harvesting those. But cilantro, parsley, rosemary, thyme, sage, basil, oregano, chives, mint, etc. definitely have their uses.

So all of that means that we’ve made the transition to my favourite time of year – autumn. Love the colours, scents, weather conditions, etc., as well as the slowing down of activity after the busy summer months. Come late winter I’ll be chomping at the bit again, anxious to get into the gardening. But come September I’ve had enough, at least of the vegetables. It will be sad to eventually say goodbye to my flowers for several months, but it’s a nice feeling to look out at my empty vegetable garden today. We had a great crop of most things, so I’m very satisfied.

Speaking of great crops, anyone want any carrots? I only had a row left to bring in and scrub up for storage yesterday, so thought that it would be a quick job. Um, no. The row we used up in dribs and drabs over the past several weeks was a false indicator of what was in the other one. I expected the untouched row to need more time to mature, as it gets more shade, which was why I hadn’t touched it. Well, shadier it might be, but that spot also retains more moisture … which resulted in the biggest and most plentiful carrots I have ever pulled out of my own soil. Often big means “woody”, but these are firm and sweet, right to the centre of the core. Can’t remember what variety of seed I planted this time, but hopefully I can find it again! I’ll just plant a single row next year, though. πŸ™‚ Guess I can tell the organic people to leave carrots out of our box for the next few months! But actually, a donation to Winnipeg Harvest is probably in order, too, as we have far more than we need. Unless one of you lot wants to come for a visit in the next little while. I can probably spare some tomatoes for you, too. Oh, apples, as well, definitely. I do wish that people would quit dropping off bags of them for me. I have enough of my own, thanks, and really, really don’t need more. But waste not, want not and all that, plus I’m way too polite to say no when someone has gone to the effort of picking and bringing over, just because they want to do something nice for me. But really, enough already. We all love apple anything, but we are a household of three and can only eat so much apple anything!

Alright, I must get off here now as the conscience is starting to nag and the eyes are getting a bit gritty. Catch you in a few days and behave yourselves while I’m gone, ok? πŸ˜€


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