A New Beginning … Again!

Welcome to the third edition of my blog. I don’t know how many of you had a chance to see my final entry over at the other place before it was shut down today, but it was a warning that there was a problem. My blog was suddenly taking up way, way, way too much space on Stephanie’s domain, to the point where she had nearly reached bandwidth capacity by the end of August. Then just today my blog had sucked up almost all of her bandwidth in the space of less than a day, so something drastic had to be done.

We figured out what the problem was before today, but efforts to stop it weren’t working. Her domain is a yearly birthday gift from me and she has oodles and oodles of space on it for her needs. More oodles than she should ever need. I’m not about to pay for more to keep the domain alive, especially under these circumstances, so enough of all of that. None of the other sites she hosts are bothered, so my moving seemed like the best solution all ’round.

Thus, here I am, back at Blogger. A tad plain compared to the old home, but a safer haven in a lot of ways, as well as one that I can manage all by myself, at least for the most part. I like autonomy … a lot. My intention was to set it up by myself, too, but she beat me to it. And she calls me a control freak! 🙂

Actually, I think it was just so that she could get her way about putting my photo up on here. I wasn’t at all keen on the idea as I’m not big on photo sharing, but it’s here now and I’ll leave it for a little while. At least she chose a relatively decent one. Not a favourite, but a heck of a lot better than most of the rest taken with her digital camera. She’s a big believer in capturing “candid moments”, if you get my drift. It’s a tad outdated as the glasses have changed in the months since. The face is also a bit thinner now, thanks to the effects of not feeling well for several months. But yeah, it’s basically still me, so I’ll say no more.

The new name is also her invention. It was meant as a joke … I think … but I liked it and decided to go with it. I wanted something at least mildly amusing, and in the literary vein, so this works. It beats anything that I had come up with by that point. Of course I should maybe be a bit concerned about why this particular one sprang to mind so easily for her, but we won’t go there.

I considered moving the old blog over, but in the end went for a whole new start. A pain for those of you who have to change your links yet again, but I promise that I won’t make you do it again for a long while. It was just the best option, all things considered. It’s also an act of kindness to all of the Queen fans of the world who stumbled onto my blog while searching for the lyrics to the Queen song of the same name. Apologies in advance to any Shakespeare fans who stumble onto this one by accident. But really, if you’re a true fan, you should know better.

So, thanks for coming to the housewarming party. What can I get you in the way of refreshments? 🙂


7 thoughts on “A New Beginning … Again!

  1. For me? Just a cuppa tea and some more posts to peruse at your new location. By the way, is there any particular meaning in the new name you have chosen?

  2. Tea it is, Roberta. Orange pekoe,lovely black blend from Sri Lanka, organic, chai, green? We accommodate many tastes around here. :)As for the meaning of the new name, well, it's really just a tongue in cheek thing. I'm a Shakespeare fan, as is my daughter, and “Taming of the Shrew” is one of his plays. Of course that's shrew of the human variety, as in a woman with a scolding or nagging temperament. I wouldn't say that I'm actually a shrew, but don't we all have our shrew-like moments, especially from a daughter's perspective?! 🙂 Of course the title also gives me permission to go off on a good rant at will …!

  3. Hi Eleanor, How lovely to see you, in both the written and photographic form 🙂 Would love to pull up a seat and chin wag…so mine is a coffee. strong and black, thank you :-)Now, lets diss the goss…what's been happening??

  4. Tea for me too, Eleanor, if you don't mind, and that's Earl Grey, hot! It's good to have you still online after all that trouble. Tres bizarre. Thankfully, there's always blogger. So, links updated and chair booked, will see you as they say, here, in the comments.

  5. Coffee it is, Maisey. Colombian or African? I have both. And it's real perked coffee on offer, by the way. 🙂 As for what's been happening, catch up posts are on the way, when I get the time. Not quite the same as a two-way gossip, but better than nothing. And yes, the two-way version would be divine!Ah, Alexandra, trust you to be the difficult one! *grin* No Earl Grey on hand as it's a bit “aromatic” for my tastes, but I'll trot out and get some, if you care to wait. I'll even let you take the left-overs home. 🙂 The source of the trouble was almost definitely the posting and commenting system that Stephanie chose for my other blog. Further investigation has revealed their history of problems with hackers and such. A couple of her friends have had the same trouble, and poking around on the web revealed loads of similar complaints.

  6. Hi Eleanor, I'll be the odd one out and take a cup of coffee, please. Well, guess I have to change your bookmark AGAIN, but will do so as I do love to keep up with you and your goings-on and such. Nice to finally SEE you! 🙂

  7. Well, this is interesting. I did a blog search for colombian coffee and found your site. When I get some time I'll come back and find out where colombian coffee appears and how it relates – if it even does. Take care – nice work.

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